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Thermal control jar with dual walls for the Professional Power Blender.

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Keeps blends hotter, or colder!

The KitchenAid thermal control jug 5KSBC56D fits your KitchenAid Professional Power blender, keeping ingredients hot or cold, for longer. So whether you’re making smoothies or sauces, they’ll stay just right.

Fits the Professional Power blender (5KSBC1B0)

1.66 L dual-wall thermal control jar

Asymmetric stainless steel blade

Secure-sealing lid with measuring cup


What's in the box?

The KitchenAid thermal control jug 5KSBC56D is just the thing for a commercial kitchen, keeping blends at the right temperature for your customers.

KitchenAid thermal control jug for the right temperature

Cold stays cold, hot stays hot. Blends will stay at the temperature you want for longer, with the KitchenAid 1.66 L blender jug. Designed for our professional blender (5KSBC1B0), it’s just what you need in a busy commercial kitchen.


Made for the Power Professional blender

If you already have the professional blender (5KSBC1B0) then this 1.66 L thermal control jar is a great add on for a working kitchen. It simply clicks into the blender base and uses the powerful motor and exclusive KitchenAid blade design to power through the toughest ingredients. Be creative, master the latest blender trends and get perfectly smooth results.


How does it work? A Dual wall design

Better maintain the temperature of your hot or cold creations. This thermal control 1.66 L blender jug is engineered in the same way as the included blender jar, but has dual wall construction. 

This helps to maintain the temperature inside the jar and keep ingredients hot or cold for longer. Your blends will stay at the perfect temperature, while you get on with something else, like adding finishing touches to a dish. If the customers are happy, you’re happy.


Our very own asymmetric blade design

This blender jug not only keeps your soups or icy drinks at their best, it also uses the same blade design as the jug included with your blender. The stainless steel blade blends at 4 different angles, pulling ingredients in towards the blending vortex. The 3mm thick blade effortlessly works its way through bulky or tough ingredients, like nuts, seeds, frozen fruits and fibrous vegetables, turning them into velvety smooth blends.


Measure and add ingredients as you go

Forgotten a vital ingredient? Or does your blend need a little extra pizzazz? No problem. The lid has a handy removable cap for measuring (up to 60 ml) and adding ingredients while you’re blending. The lid is still safe and secure while you’re putting ingredients in, so you don’t need to worry about mess and spills.


Quick and simple to clean

Speaking of mess, this blender jug, like the blender itself, is straightforward to clean. When you’re finished for the day, the jug, blades, lid and removable handle grip are all dishwasher-safe. Job done!

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