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Large blender with patented diamond design. Powerful vortex quickly makes cold and hot foods.

€ 199,00
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Smoothies, soups, sauces and baby food: let your creativity run wild.

It is powerful and built to last.

Thanks to a powerful motor and patented stainless steel blade, the Classic Diamond Blender delivers high performance results.
It will always give you consistent results, whether you want to stir, chop, mix, puree or liquefy a vast range of foods, as well as crushing ice for cocktails and drinks.

Key Features

Diamond Blending System

The unique combination of a patented stainless steel blade and diamond–shaped pitcher creates a powerful vortex that blends your ingredients quickly and thoroughly.

Powerful motor with Intelli-Speed control

The Intelli–Speed Motor Control senses contents in the blender and maintains optimal speed at all times to power through ingredients.

Special Hot Foods button

Special Hot Foods button with “Soft Start” feature starts very slowly, then quickly increases speed for safe blending without splashing and a smooth velvety finish.

Large 1.75 L one-piece BPA-free pitcher

Pitcher with diamond shape design, no-slip grip comfortable handle and stainless steel blades. Creates a powerful vortex for fast, thorough blending.

An essential in your kitchen

Fruit toppings or salad dressings

Creamy soups

Smoothies, juices and milkshakes


Named after its faceted jug design and intensely durable construction, the blender Diamond is particularly suited to hot liquids and thick sauces that are blended to perfection in an innovative vortex design. Able to handle any ingredient, the stainless steel tri-blade mean you can confidently crush ice cubes, purée soft fruits or blend extra-thick milkshakes, delivering silky smoothness every time. Fill the uniquely designed pitcher and see how the Intelli-Speed function starts the motor slowly before increasing power once ingredients have started to blend. This ‘soft start’ feature means that speed progressively increases, preventing hot liquids splashing over the lid and food clumping to the blades. Superior quality blades will stir, chop, mix, purée and liquefy ingredients quickly and thoroughly. This is combined with the safety of a stay-put lid and lock-in jar that removes with a simple twist, for easy cleaning. Looking to make food preparation easier than ever? Look to our KitchenAid blender Diamond.

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