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Smoothie maker for a healthy lifestyle

If you're a fan of fruit smoothies for breakfast, post-workout energy smoothies or green smoothies for lunch, you can find a smoothie maker to suit you. Smoothies can replace an entire meal and are great for those on-the-go days.


Meet our star smoothie blender

Create cool smoothies and icy drinks in your kitchen, in seconds, with the Blender K150, the crème de la crème of smoothie makers.


3-part blending system

The adaptive motor senses the ingredients and works with the asymmetric blade and the ribbed BPA-free jar to create a powerful vortex.


Fast ice-crushing

For icy cold, thick smoothies, just turn the dial to the ice-crush setting, to crush ice in less than 10 seconds (based on half a tray of ice).


Soft start feature

By starting slowly, the blender helps to prevent ingredients splattering and makes sure you get fully blended, delicious results.


Enjoy a great smoothie maker

Always in a rush in the morning? Run out of energy? Want to improve your diet? Blending your own smoothies at home is a fast-track to a healthier daily diet.

You can pack in fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and pulses and create something delicious in seconds. By choosing a smoothie maker that's both powerful and highly efficient, you'll be in control. You can achieve the perfect consistency you're looking for. Break down even flax seeds or pips to a creamy mixture, or leave some bits in there if you like tasty chunks of fruit in your drinks. The choice is yours.


Fancy some ice in your smoothie?

Throwing a couple of ice cubes into smoothie maker, or using frozen fruit, makes your smoothie even thicker, frothier and, of course, refreshingly chilly. Luckily our K150 powers through ice. But what else can it do? Advantages of this ice-crushing blender:

  • Crushes ice in less than 10 seconds

  • Ideal for smoothies and frozen fruits

  • Creates a powerful vortex

  • Achieve ideal taste and texture

  • Sleek design and choice of colours

  • Soft-start to avoid splatter

  • 2-year guarantee for peace of mind

  • Choice of optional accessories.


Smoothie makers with cool style

All our smoothie blender machines will look super chic in your kitchen, with our classic curves and American diner vibe. When you’re choosing between smoothie makers, go for one that you just know will look amazing on your worktop - maybe matching your decor, or giving your room a bold colour pop. Will it be Empire Red, Charcoal grey, Onyx black ... or perhaps Almond Cream? 


From green to grains

When you think of smoothies at home, the most obvious ingredients are things like bananas and strawberries. As you become a more confident maker, you can use all sorts of ingredients in your Blender K150. Try to buy nutrient-packed leafy greens, such as kale or mint, as well as harder ingredients like nuts, seeds and even frozen fruits. Be bold and enjoy the results. 


Power at your fingertips

Our range of blenders can handle whatever tough ingredients you want to throw in, giving you beautiful, lump-free smoothies. They make light work of fruit skins, fibrous veggies and nutritious seeds (including tiny raspberry seeds!). Even crushing ice cubes is no problem, with velvety results in seconds. If you've never tried a robust blender with advanced features before, then you'll be surprised by what you can do.


How to layer your smoothie

It's not just a matter of throwing the ingredients into your smoothie machine. The way they're layered has an impact on the final taste and texture in your cup.

Here's how to fill your jar:

  1. liquids

  2. sweeteners (if any)

  3. leafy greens

  4. soft ingredients

  5. fruit and veg, nuts, seeds and grains

  6. frozen ingredients and ice cubes


No need to worry about the mess

Blenders create a powerful vortex to break down ingredients for consistent results. Our Blender K150 has a soft-start feature, which begins the motor at a slower speed and then quickly increases, to avoid splatter. The durable plastic base is easy to wipe clean and the BPA-free jar and lid are dishwasher-safe. What could be simpler?

Tips for making delicious smoothies

Here are our tips for making irresistible mixtures in your smoothie maker

  • Liquids can be water, juice, milk, non-dairy milk, coconut water or even tea

  • Bananas are an excellent base and give a sweet taste and natural creaminess

  • Avocado is brilliant for giving you nutrients and a smooth texture

  • Pineapple will give you a big burst of sweet flavour in your smoothie

  • Mango is always a winner as it's refreshing, cool and smooth

  • Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries make attractive red or purple smoothies

  • Frozen fruits are superb because you can add them in handy chunks

  • Nuts and seeds can be thrown in to make it even more nutritious

  • You can freeze your own fruits rather than choosing supermarket packets

  • If you're adding greens then young leaves are less bitter rather than mature

  • Experiment with vanilla, honey, dates, cocoa powder, cinnamon or a little agave syrup!

  • It's the little touches that will take your homemade smoothies up a level.


What about a personal blender?

Some makers like to opt for a small blender, or ‘personal blender’. This can certainly be handy for small households. However, blenders have a more generous capacity, allowing you to batch blend, saving lots of time and giving you the power and stability to handle anything.

Our Blender K150 gives you the benefits of both big and small, with an optional personal jar, which you can blend into directly, into for an easy-sip solution when you're on the go.

Drink the rainbow with a smoothie blender

You've heard of eating the rainbow? Well, now you can drink it. Vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants ... here's how to get them:


Choose lots of colours

Your smoothie maker is the perfect opportunity to feast on all those seasonal fruits and vegetables the easy way. So, pick options outside of your usual favourites and enjoy the adventure.


Yellow & orange

These fruits and veggies pack a powerful nutritional punch. They're rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C, the powerful antioxidants that neutralise the free radicals roaming around inside our bodies, destroying cells.



Greens are rich in phytonutrients that improve our health and are full of fibre. They have alkalising effects on the and promote healthy blood pressure. Leafy greens are high in protein, iron and calcium and cruciferous veggies help the liver to detoxify.



Cauliflower is a little exception among white fruit and vegetables. It has many of the nutrients of other cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, bok choy and broccoli.


Blue & purple

Gorgeous dark-coloured foods like purple cabbage, blackberries or eggplants are loaded with healing antioxidants for glowing skin. Plus, they look beautiful in your cup!



Red foods are a good source of folate, which is brilliant for our heart health. Red fruits like strawberries, give us vitamin C too. Red grapes, specifically, have a magic antioxidant which is anti-inflammatory.


Which milk is best for smoothies?

You don't have to add milk to smoothies, but, when whizzed up in a smoothie maker, it gives creamier results than juice or water. Cow's milk is popular and full of quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

But, cow's milk isn't a good option for everyone. You can pick up all sorts of non-dairy alternatives and plant-based milks which give you protein, vitamins and enhance that silky texture. Of course, if you have a blender machine at home, you can make your own! Try any of these: almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk or coconut water.


Smoothies on the go

Like to blend 'n' go? Whether you're off to the gym, doing sports or just like to travel, the Blender K150's optional 500ml personal jar is perfect for taking out and about. Its easy-drink lid is securely designed so you can pop the jar in your bag and not worry about leaking.


Choosing your settings is as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Blender K150 has three speeds, plus an ice crush / pulse setting. Just turn the dial to get the speed you need for a smoothie that’s just the way you like it. The soft-start function starts blending at a slow speed to gently pull the ingredients into the blades, before it speeds up. The Intelli-Speed motor control actually senses the ingredients inside the jar and adjusts the RPM accordingly. Clever stuff.

A new day, a fresh blend

There are hundreds of wonderful ingredient combinations to experiment with in your smoothie maker with all its great features. Whether you're looking for a nutrition-packed hit, or a delicious cool summer drink.

Here are just a few recipes to try.

Import-Recipe - Oat and pear smoothie


A simple oat and pear smoothie that will satisfy you every morning.

Import-Recipe - Mango Strawberry Peach Smoothie


This sweet and delicious smoothie will be a winner at breakfast.

Import-Recipe - Green spinach and kiwi smoothie


Green smoothie for a good start of the morning.


Upgrade from your jug

If you’re used to making smoothies in a jug, or in cups, with a hand blender (stick or immersion blender), then you’ll enjoy the upgrade to a bigger blender. It’s fast and efficient, creating a powerful vortex in the optimally-designed and securely sealed jar. You have bigger capacity too - so you can make more of your favourite smoothie drinks to keep for later. You can transfer into handy size cups, or into our personal jars, and pop in the fridge, or freezer.


Whiz up a juice in a blender

As well as smoothies, you can make fresh juice in your blender. It's handy for squeezing in lots of vitamin C and other nutrients into your day, and giving your body a cleanse and boost.

Add your favourite juicy fruits - like oranges, mangos, green apples or limes - to the blender with a little water. You’ll get lots of fibre (pulp) in the mix, so if that’s not to your taste, then simply strain it through a cheesecloth or similar before serving. You’ll feel glowing.

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