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Soup blender for a healthy lifestyle

With a powerful blender, you can enjoy a nutritious diet of smoothies, juices, sauces and soups ready for heating. We've gone even further with our Blender Power Plus - Artisan, to allow you to create hot soup in 5 minutes.


Hot soup in 5 minutes

The clever soup function works with the 1.75L thermal control jar to heat your fresh room-temperature ingredients into soup.


Smooth as velvet

Throw in soft and hard ingredients like fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds or frozen foods to be broken down into a velvety finish.


Smoothies and juices

As well as being a soup blender and ideal for sauces and dips, this also has handy pre-set programmes for smoothies and juices.

Powerful soup blender for smooth results

Everyone loves a smooth soup. When ingredients are broken down into a fine, even consistency, you can enjoy the delicate balance of combined flavours. With more blending power in motor, the Artisan Power Plus blender smooths the toughest ingredients, like fibrous vegetables, whole fruits, nuts and even tiny seeds.


Homemade soup and much more

Smoothie for breakfast? Hummus for lunch? A peanut sauce for an evening meal? Create anything you can imagine and take advantage of the pre-set programs for nutritious soups, smoothies or juice in this powerhouse of a blender. It’s easy to get the exact taste and texture you want.

Plus, there’s even a self-cleaning cycle when you’ve finished. You’re welcome!


A spoonful of goodness

It’s not always easy to create healthy and appetising meals which deliver 5-a-day into your diet. Wholesome soups, sauces, purées, juices and smoothies are an excellent way to pack in lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre … and enjoy every slurp.

Soft and hard ingredients can be easily added, with even tough fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds or frozen foods broken down into a velvet finish. With 11 speeds and a pulse/boost button, you can control the taste and texture. With its dual-wall construction, this versatile soup blender can also keep your beautiful creation warm, while the outer jar stays cool.


Your favourite soups are a pleasure to make

This soup blender easily slips into your routine, as it’s been designed to be a pleasure to use. The jar has a comfortable soft-touch removable handle and a secure lid with a measuring cup. For those thicker blends, you can use the flex-edge tamper which is made out of plastic and rubber, to push ingredients safely inside.

To clean up, put the blender on the handy self-clean cycle or put the parts in the dishwasher ready for next time!


Long-lasting blender for peace of mind

When you invest in a powerful soup blender, you want to know that it’s made of premium materials and will be your ally for many years to come. KitchenAid gives you a 10-year limited warranty with the Power Plus blender. It’s a heavy appliance, with a stainless steel blade, stable die-cast metal base, metal dial and switches. You can feel the quality.


Best healthy soup blender recipes


Curried coconut soup


Black sesame soup


Pea avocado and mint soup