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Keep up the energy!

Keep up the energy!

Import-Author - KitchenAid Chef
KitchenAid Chef

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You have big goals, but barely any energy to make it through your gym workout. Or you spend all your energy on reaching those goals and come home too exhausted for quality time. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We have 3 yummy tips to (re)charge your batteries.

Pump up your breakfast

You already know that the best way to start your day is with a healthy breakfast. So why not add some extra energy boosters to your routine? A great example is this smoothie recipe that combines banana, spinach and avocado. Want something slightly more powerful? Add a power powder like wheatgrass or some extra slices of ginger to your morning smoothie. You’ll feel your energy levels soar and there is a nice bonus: wheatgrass helps with weight loss and ginger with digestion.

Load up your lunch

If the problem isn’t your morning workout but that afternoon energy dip, then a balanced lunch is the answer. It’s easy to gobble down a BLT (a sandwich filled with bacon, lettuce, and tomato) to fight your fatigue, but a steaming bowl of creamy soup before your salad can also do the trick. Especially if you add some slivered nuts for slow calories. Want the whole package? Pair your meal with a drink that contains one of the famous superfoods (açai, goji, coconut).


Supercharge your snack

The word ‘snack’ shouldn’t instantly trigger images of glazed cake and whipped cream. On the contrary, it can be a source of healthy energy to make it through the last part of your day! Take this totally delicious recipe for hot chocolate, for example, with raw cocoa powder, cashews and dates. Lots of energy, zero refined sugar. Not into chocolate? Check our other tasty recipes.


    Import-Author - KitchenAid Chef

    KitchenAid Chef

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