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Watch me, drink me

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Sexy and healthy drinks-to-go: you see them, you want them…with no regrets!

Watch me, drink me


Drinks-to-go are very popular in big cities

You grab a cup of coffee on your way to work and you are sure you will be perfectly on time.

Another option is bringing your Thermos with you wherever you go, to sip green tea and stay hydrated all day long. This, however, is a different story.

Let us journey through the colourful world of healthy smoothies and blends, drinks-to-go you cannot miss this season if you want to be trendy. There are many reasons to include these drinks in your daily diet:

First, because they are trendy, a topic discussed in every food magazine and blog, and this will make you want them.

Second, because they can be very healthy and make your daily consumption of veggies more pleasant and enjoyable.

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Third, because they are easy to prepare if you have a good friend at your side, the KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender for example.

This precious ally has a powerful engine with Adapti-Blend programs: smoothie, juices, soup and self-cleaning cycles. Blends quickly and easily through ingredients, like frozen fruits and fibrous, nutrient-dense vegetables, for smoother results. Your smoothies will be ready in the blink of an eye!

Using not just fruits and vegetables, but also herbs, spices and superfoods, smoothies fuel your training, or simply ramp up your intake of nutrients on a regular working day. Also, they are very attractive, to make you thirsty for them without even thinking about what is inside.

This is perfect when you have a family because you can extend the nutritional benefits to everybody, without having to convince them that vitamins are important. Few meals are simpler than a smoothie. They require very little prep time and planning, and you can even use up leftover fruits and vegetables from the day before. Let’s weigh anchor in this colourful ocean.

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The trendy option

We are sure all of you have at least heard the name “Unicorn Latte” which recently has become popular thanks to the Sturbucks edition and the ton of pictures shared by Hollywood stars on social.

At a first glance, it may seem like a junky drink, but you will be surprised to discover that is exactly the opposite. It is definitely the latest health craze to sustain your body, as well as your brain. Drink it warm or chilled: yoga professors say it is the perfect drink before your lesson, or before a meditation session.

The base is a vegetable milk made of raw cashews, soaked for 4 hours (coconut milk can be an option). It also includes ginger and lemon juice which are a great source of vitamins, as well as antioxidants and detoxifying.

The multicolour effect is achieved with a magic ingredient, spirulina algae, and sprinkles on the top. This colourful elixir is vegan, light and delicious… an absolutely cosy treat.

Do you want some extra happy news? Just put all the ingredients in your KitchenAid Artisan Power Plus Blender and it is ready in two minutes.

Ingredients for Unicorn Latte :

  • 1 cup raw cashews, soaked for 4 hours

  • 3 cups filtered water

  • 1 vanilla bean, insides scraped out2

  • 2 oz of cold-pressed ginger juice

  • 2 oz lemon juice

  • 1 tablespoon spirulina extract

  • 1 tablespoon maca root

  • 2 Medjool dates

  • Turmeric, spirulina powder, and organic sprinkles to garnish (optional)

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The luxury treat

If you are looking for a fancy drink for a special breakfast or a healthy break, the best way to surprise your guests is to get inspiration from a Michelin-starred chef.

We picked a recipe by Bruno Loubet, born in France and rocking the London culinary scene for years. He says he is not vegan or vegetarian but his menu is full of meat-free meals with exciting and innovative flavours.

His Rhubarb smoothie with custard and granola is pure gold, surely not your average smoothie. And you can try this at home! Mix honey, chopped rhubarb and orange juice in a small bowl; leave to marinate for one hour in order to separate the syrup.

Ingredients for Rhubarb smoothie with custard and granola :

  • 500 g of rhubarb, chopped

  • 6 tbsp of honey

  • 50 ml of orange juice

  • 10 tbsp of granola

  • 400 g of strawberry ice cream

  • 2 ice cubes

  • 220 ml of custard

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Import-Author - KitchenAid Chef

KitchenAid Chef

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