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20% off breakfast sets

Discover our stylish kettle & toaster sets for a kitchen with perfectly matching devices!

This set includes

We've carefully selected the best matching products... at a special price! Here's what comes in your KitchenAid set.

Say good morning to better breakfasts

With our sleek, curvy toaster not only do you get the looks, you get the performance too. You’re free to toast all sorts of bread, buns, crumpets or bagels at home, safe in the knowledge they’ll be browned to perfection. Packed with helpful features too, your breakfast and snack times just got way better.


Extra-wide slots for any size bread

With extra long, extra wide slots, you can pop in pretty much any kind of bread – without it getting stuck or burnt, and without having to flip it over. Ideal for those delicious artisan breads, paninis and more.

The long slot fits two standard bread slices, or a longer type of bread, like pitta. The self-centering racks mean that your food will be right in the middle and you always get even toasting on both sides.


It’s the little things that count

While this toaster is big enough to toast generous slices of all types of bread, it handles small bits and bakes just as well. The handy high-lift lever lets you pull up those small bits of beautiful artisan bread, crumpets, or buns to the top.  Simply lift up the lever far enough to where you can easily see and reach your toast.


Show your bagels some love

If you love bagels, you’ll know that a regular toaster won’t do the job. You need your bagel crisp on the outside, but still deliciously chewy on the inside. 

The KitchenAid 2 slice long slot toaster has a bagel mode, which reduces the power on one side of the heating elements by 50%. This gently browns the outside, while toasting the sliced side, and keeping the inside deliciously warm and soft. No over-toasting or charred outer edges, just gorgeous bagels.


Always forgetting to defrost in advance?

Never skip breakfast again after forgetting to defrost your bread. This toaster’s frozen function defrosts bread quickly when you’re in a rush and need to use bread straight from the freezer at home.

Simply put it in the toaster straight from the freezer and press the defrost button to allow extra time for defrosting before it reaches your preferred toasting shade.


Fine-tune your toasting

How many times has your toast popped up and you’ve thought it just needs a little longer? Next thing you know, it’s burnt. Well our ‘little longer’ function lets you toast it just one shade darker at the touch of a button. No risk of burning. Now that’s food for thought! 

Toast popped, but you forgot? That’s not a problem either. The reheat function on this toaster will gently reheat your toast, in less than a minute. So you can still enjoy a warm breakfast to start your day. 


Designed to be beautiful, practical and neat

Toasters are busy kitchen appliances, so it’s reassuring to know this sturdy model is made from durable plastic that can withstand heavy daily use with no problem. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

Slim and neat, everything on this toaster feels well thought out. From the removable crumb tray that makes it easy to clean, to the clever cord wrap that stores the cord under the toaster for a neat counter top, or for storing away in a cupboard.


Good toaster toasts evenly, has plenty of options.will take a thick cut slice of bread easily.also good for easy to clean.

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Home kettle design just got cooler

With the KitchenAid Design Collection, you can make the most important meal of the day so much more than tea and buttered toast. Our glossy electric kettles bring a touch of style and the all stainless steel interior maintains water quality too.


Make breakfast extraordinary

With this gorgeous and efficient curvy kettle from the KitchenAid Design Collection, you can bring breakfast bang up to date. It’s a generous size, boiling up to 1.5 L of water. That makes it ideal for shared spaces, big families or when your friends pop over for a chat. So, crack open the biscuits and you’re ready to go.


Quicker boiling for longer enjoyment

Serve up hot tea for the whole family or work mates in just a few moments. With 3000 W of power, you can quickly boil a generous 1.5 L of water and not miss out on the conversation or your favourite show. It’s also great for when you need that first thirst-quenching mug of tea or glass of coffee in a hurry. Bliss!


Great-tasting hot drinks every time

The stainless steel interior ensures that every hot drink you make in our kettles will have a crisp taste, as it never comes in contact with plastic or any other non-metal material while heating up.

Tip: Boiling the same water twice removes oxygen, affecting the taste. Good thing our insulated kettles keep water warmer for longer. That means you can make the most of that boiled water before it cools.


Keeps water warm for longer

The dual-wall construction on this electric kettle keeps the inside hot, while the outside remains cool to the touch. It’s made of a durable plastic outer material which looks shiny and wipes clean easily. That means you can bring it to the breakfast table and pour a steaming second or third cup when the mood strikes. Take your time.


Beautiful to look at, easy to use

You’ll find this KitchenAid Design Collection 1.5 L kettle a pleasure to use with its comfortable handle. It has a 360° base to give you easy access from any angle, whether you’re right or left handed.

Touch the push-button lid to open it for easy refilling. And it’s all ready for your favourite hot drink, cereals and preparations.


Kitchen Aid's Robust, Simple use Kettle

The kettle is sleek and true to Kitchen Aids standard. It has a robust feel to it and is sturdy. The kettle compliments the toaster which I brought earlier. The is basic but does the job of boiling water without any fuss.

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What are other people saying?