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€ 149,00
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Sleek Cold Brew Maker steeps coffee or tea in cold water for a refreshing drink any time.

€ 149,00
Incl. VAT

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What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brewed coffee is slow-steeped in cold (room temperature) water to produce a smoother, gentler flavour. Unlike iced coffee, which is hot coffee poured over ice, there is no heat applied at all during the cold brew method.
To make a drink, combine 60 ml of concentrate with 180 ml of cold water or milk (1:3 coffee to water/milk ratio). Add ice or syrup to taste. Your cold brew coffee maker can also steep tea in water for 6-12 hours. Give it a try.

Cold brew coffee maker takes it slow

Once you've fallen for cold brew, it's hard to resist getting your own cold brew coffee maker. Designed to look stunning and be a pleasure to use, the Artisan cold brew coffee maker is an unhurried way to make delicious, well-balanced cold brew coffee - or indeed tea - at home.

You make the concentrate by slow steeping in cold water. Unlike iced coffee, there's no heat involved. It's always on tap and ready to dilute with water, milk, ice, syrup or anything else. The choice is yours.

How does the cold brew coffee maker work?

Add your freshly ground coffee, or favourite tea, into the stainless steel steeper. Then fill the premium glass carafe with filtered water using the fill-level indicators to get the quantity right. Pick up the coffee maker by its handle and place it in your fridge to steep for 12-24 hours. Once it's brewed, remove the steeper basket and it's ready to enjoy.

Cold brew will keep for up to 12 days in your fridge. To drink, twist the non-drip tap to dispense the concentrate into a glass and dilute with water, milk or even tonic.

Cold brew coffee maker: always chilled

Cold brew coffee doesn’t rush. And neither should you. It takes its time to steep the coffee or tea and then keeps it fresh in your fridge - ready for whenever you crave a refreshing cup.

Once you’re in the routine of making your own cold brew coffee at home, you can rely on it to deliver a well-balanced, smooth drink all day long. Why rush off to a coffee house in the morning when you’ve already prepared 840 ml of delicious concentrate - just the way you like it?

What type of coffee is best for cold brew?

As cold brew extracts at a low temperature, this affects the flavours. It tends to be a gentler, muted taste that’s lower in acid, because many of the acids aren’t extracted below certain temperatures. This means a cold brew coffee maker is the ideal way to experiment with single origin beans so you can appreciate all the subtle flavours and diverse characteristics. Go for a coarse grind. 

Get creative with cold brew recipes

  • Lavender-laced coffee
  • Cashew caramel iced coffee
  • Coffee mocha cupcakes
  • Cinnamon coffee scones
  • Citrus cafe au lait
  • Coffee with warm lavender steamed milk
  • Chocolate coffee almond torte
Get creative with cold brew recipes

Cold brew to share with guests

Do you like to throw open your doors and welcome friends?

The cold brew coffee maker is popular with larger families and those who like a good gathering. The glass carafe makes up to 14 servings and you can also buy an optional cold brew stand for easier dispensing.

Made with non-slip, lightweight materials it means all your guests can pour themselves a drink.

Iced coffee maker vs. cold brew machine

Thinking of getting an iced coffee maker? Iced coffee simply means pouring hot coffee over ice. Cold brew is completely different. There’s no heat involved in the process as the grounds are steeped slowly in cold water to achieve a mellow and less acidic taste.



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