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Glass kettle designed for tea lovers

Indulge in the art of tea making with the glass kettle designed specially for tea lovers. It not only looks beautiful but gives you all-in-one brewing and temperature control.

All-in-one tea making

The sleek glass and stainless steel 1.5L glass kettle - Artisan gives you temperature control and all-in-one brewing.

Variable temperature

Select the temperature you need for your preparation on this variable temperature kettle. You can use it for tea or simply heat or boil water.

Ideal for special teas

Love oolong, white, herbal or flowering tea? Preserve unique flavours and aromas by allowing them to bloom in the removable steeper.

What's in the box?

What's in the box?

1.5 L glass tea kettle with handle

Made from stainless steel and premium Schott DURAN glass with convenient water level markings, and MAX fill line. Not dishwasher-safe, hand wash only to avoid any damage.

Kettle base with on/off button and temperature selector (5 specialty tea settings)

Designed to preserve each tea’s unique flavours and aromas. The water temperature determines how much flavour is extracted from tea, and each tea type requires a different brewing temperature. The kettle automatically goes into warm mode after reaching temperature and holds for 30 minutes at ‘warm’ (70°C). Lid

Lid with handle

The wide open lid is made out of 2 parts: tea steeper lid (center section of lid with handle) and kettle lid (outer section). Easy to access and easy cleanability. Not dishwasher-safe, hand wash only.

Stainless steel limescale filter

(on the outer section of the kettle lid) Keeps water impurities out of your cup. Not dishwasher-safe, hand wash only to avoid any damage.

Removable stainless steel steeper

Is easy to remove after the appropriate steeping time, so tea doesn’t over steep. For best results, the recommendation on the tea’s packaging for suggested water temperature and steep times, should be followed. This tea kettle may be used for tea bags as well as loose leaf tea. For brewing tea in the kettle or to boil water for other uses, the steeper should be simply removed. Not dishwasher-safe, hand wash only to avoid any damage.

Tea steep holder

Keeps your counter clean from water and tea drips as the steeper can be placed into the steep holder after use. Not dishwasher-safe, hand wash only.


How does the glass kettle work?

To heat your water

Fill it with the desired amount of filtered water and use the switch to select the temperature you'd like. Press the 'on' button and it will chime when ready.

For brewing tea

When it's chimed, you can add loose tea to the removable steeper, put on the lid and place it in the kettle. Or add tea bags or blooming tea to the steeper or directly in the kettle.

Tea steep holder

After use, place the steeper in the included steep holder. This keeps your counter clean from water and tea drips while you sit back and enjoy your beautiful cup of tea.

The right temperature for your cup

For the best flavour and aroma, the temperature must be exactly right. Select it as follows:
70°C    Keep-warm mode (up to 30 minutes)
80°C    Green tea
85°C    White tea
90°C    Oolong tea
95°C    Black tea
100°C  Herbal / boiling

Handy keep-warm for your tea

Tea shouldn’t be rushed. So this variable temperature kettle keeps water warm for up to 30 minutes. It automatically goes into keep-warm mode when the heating cycle is finished. You can also choose the 70°C keep-warm mode on the switch for brewing delicate teas.

Blooming teas in your glass kettle

Flowering teas or blooming teas are hand-tied bulbs of fine green tea and delicate flowers. These beautiful balls of tea are created by skilled artisans to give your tea the wow factor. Flowers such as jasmine, rose, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and hibiscus are used in various combinations.

Believed to bring health benefits as well as looking visually stunning, the Chinese tea balls gently open as they steep to emulate an opening bud. The 1.5 L glass kettle - Artisan is the ideal way to watch the spectacle unfurl.

Why choose a glass kettle?

A glass kettle looks clean, fresh and elegant. It’s easy to see the water level inside. It’s a pleasure to watch the gradual steeping process. Whether you’re using tea leaves, tea bags or flowering teas, you can enjoy a clear view of the whole process.

Let it brew and see it strengthen and darken. The 1.5 L glass kettle - Artisan also gives you precise temperature control. This means the delicate flavours of the tea will be preserved.


You can savour the art of tea making with the Artisan 1. 5L glass tea kettle. This variable temperature kettle is a pleasure for all the senses and is designed as an all-in-one kettle and teapot. Made of premium Schott Duran glass and stainless steel, the kettle is sleek and modern. It gives you a clear view of the steeping process, so you can achieve the strength and depth of colour to suit your taste. The stainless steel steeper is removable and locks securely into the lid. You can use the kettle with or without it, as well as having the option to use regular tea bags directly inside. Read more... Select your temperature on the kettle base with options from 70 to 100°C. The ideal temperature achieves the best flavour and aroma, with green tea at 80°C, white tea at 85°C, oolong tea at 90°C, black tea at 95°C, herbal tea or boiling at 100°C. A keep-warm mode at 70°C automatically keeps the brew warm for up to 30 minutes. Sit down, relax and share a cup at your leisure. Close

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