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Espresso Set (with 5KES6503 espresso machine & 5KCG8433 coffee grinder)

€ 630,40 € 788,00
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Candy Apple
€ 630,40 € 788,00
Espresso Set (with 5KES6503 espresso machine & 5KCG8433 coffee grinder)
€ 630,40 € 788,00
Incl. VAT
Candy Apple

Espresso Set (with 5KES6503 espresso machine & 5KCG8433 coffee grinder).

€ 630,40 € 788,00
Incl. VAT
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This pack includes
The espresso machine that lets you explore
Dual, smart temperature sensors
Enjoy an authentic-tasting espresso, every time. This is achieved by the two temperature sensors working together to maintain optimal temperature throughout the brew process.
Espresso machine for beginners or experts
Choose from two wall basket sizes. Double wall baskets help give consistent results, ideal for beginners. Or, choose single wall baskets for greater control and full-bodied shots. 1 or 2 shots? Easy dose selector. It’s simple to prepare a single or double shot at the touch of a button. You can programme to your preferred shot size and enjoy a cup whenever you like.
Taste a world of coffee
Our espresso machine brings the art of espresso to life at home. You can create authentic shots of espresso, as well as popular espresso-based drinks like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, Americano, flat white and even affogato (with ice cream). Everyone will be dropping in to see this compact and sleek espresso machine with metal housing. With its dual, smart temperature sensors and a 15-bar Italian pump and pre-infusion, it means you can easily achieve a rich, full-bodied espresso with crema.
Achieve the ultimate performance
It’s all about getting the best taste. The latest technology is combined with the traditional espresso method to make sure you savour every cup. Get creative with the steam wand. Your Espresso machine also contains a steam wand to deliver steam or “texture” the milk directly in the pitcher. Perfect to create rich foam or warm milk for cappucinos or lattes, or even dispense water for teas or Americanos.
Grind your favourite coffee beans for the optimum flavour extraction for every cup.
First for flavour extraction
By working with high efficiency and precision, the coffee grinder delivers uniformly-sized grounds. This means you’ll equally and evenly extract the flavour when it comes to brewing.
Easily master the burr grinder
Feel like a coffee grinding expert at the touch of a button. Just use the clear brew method icons and choose your desired dose to get the right amount. Your coffee hit isn’t far away.
When your grind is precise and consistent, you get the optimum taste from your coffee.
This compact and sleek machine allows you to create consistent grind sizes for all brew methods. Choose from 70 precise settings, from a coarse grind for French Press to fine for Espresso and savour the flavour. Commercial-grade stainless steel burrs deliver a superior grind. We’ve taken the guesswork out of dosing, with automatic dosing technology. The grinder automatically adjusts to deliver the volume and consistency for your brew methods and number of shots or cups.
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