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Espresso Set (with 5KES6503 espresso machine & 5KCG8433 coffee grinder) - Candy Apple

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This set includes

We've carefully selected the best matching products... at a special price! Here's what comes in your KitchenAid set.

Explore the art of espresso at home

Create the taste you love with unlimited possibilities. We’ve combined the latest technology with the traditional espresso method to give you the perfect shot. And once you’ve mastered it, you can make any espresso-based drinks, from a cappuccino or flat white to a macchiato.

Authentic tasting shots with the KitchenAId espresso machine

Authentic tasting shots with the KitchenAid espresso machine

The KitchenAid espresso machine is the first home espresso machine with dual, smart temperature sensors. The temperature control works with these sensors and the unit’s water heater to keep the temperature within the optimal range for espresso. 

And, because no one wants to wait, it has fast-heating thermocoil technology to hit the optimal brewing temperature in less than 45 seconds. Then, sit back and taste the difference.

Create a rich espresso with the perfect crema

Create a rich espresso with the perfect crema

The mark of a well made shot is a dense hazelnut-coloured crema. The body, of dark caramel colour, is full, aromatic and balanced between acidity and bitterness. To get this beautiful, rich result, there needs to be low-pressure pre-infusion to extract flavour from the bean, before switching to high pressure extraction. 

The Italian 15-bar pump on our KitchenAid espresso machine provides that pressure sweet spot to create a professional-quality, rich, full-flavoured espresso shot and a creamy layer of crema.

Even tamping is easy with our clever portafilter

Even tamping is easy with our clever portafilter

There are many tips and tricks to pulling the perfect espresso but, ultimately, how the coffee grounds are held in your espresso machine is at the heart of a delicious shot. The portafilter, the basket and how you press (tamp) the grounds into the basket can make or break your espresso. 

The commercial-grade portafilter in the KitchenAid espresso machine has recessed spouts, giving you a stable flat base to help you achieve a consistently even tamp and extraction. Its 58 mm diameter helps to maintain optimal heat throughout extraction. That way you get tasty, flavourful cups every time.

Espresso just the way you like it

Espresso just the way you like it

The KitchenAid espresso machine is designed to fit your preferences. It has the flexibility to give experienced baristas room to flex, and newbies the comfort of factory default settings.

You can prepare 1 or 2 shots of espresso using the dose selector, and programme your preferred shot size if you’d like to, at the push of a button. It will brew freshly ground beans or prepackaged coffee, thanks to the 4 included basket filters. 

Double-wall, pressurised baskets help reduce extraction variability, a great choice for beginner baristas. Single-wall baskets give you the opportunity for greater control over the flavour profile of the shot.

Everything is there to help beginners inch towards being comfortable with experimentation — or just stay in their comfort zone.

Experiment with different coffee drinks

Experiment with different coffee drinks

Love coffee house culture? It all begins with the perfect espresso. Combine that espresso with your choice of milk to make a whole host of your favourite coffee recipes. 

Your KitchenAid espresso machine has a professional-style steam wand to deliver steam and allow you to ‘texture’ the milk directly in the jug. This means you can create rich foam or warm milk for cups of cappuccino, latte or a flat white. Or, you can use it to dispense hot water for a cup of tea or an Americano. All in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The espresso machine that’s sturdy and stylish

The espresso machine that’s sturdy and stylish

Style matters. So, the KitchenAid espresso machine 5KES6503 has looks as well as performance. The sturdy metal housing makes it durable and sustainable and its sleek, compact design means it fits nice and neatly on your counter. Choose from a selection of  gorgeous colours to suit your home environment. 

Strong and reliable, our espresso maker won’t let you down. The 5-year guarantee gives you extra reassurance, in case you ever need help with anything at all.

Get the best from your beans with our coffee grinder

Get the best from your beans with our coffee grinder

Grinding your own beans, rather than buying pre-ground, guarantees the best, freshest flavour and aroma. With 70 grind sizes, the KitchenAid coffee grinder gives you the precision grind you need, from authentic tasting espresso to coarse French press. This elegant and compact burr grinder can stand alone, or partner up with the KitchenAid espresso machine. You can even grind directly into the portafilter, as the two machines match and fit.

SamEssex UK

Did a lot of research prior to purchase. Wanted compact machine that produced excellent coffee. I’m not disappointed. This machine is very well made, looks good and makes outstanding coffee. It is easy to clean and to use. Very impressed!

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The perfect cup is in the grind

Get ready to take your coffee to the next level! You need a consistent grind for optimum flavour extraction. The KitchenAid coffee grinder gives you a precise, even grind size, which can be fine-tuned for your favourite brew method and to suit your taste.


Grind your coffee like a pro

When it comes to grinding coffee, accuracy is paramount. Each brew method demands a specific grind size to achieve proper extraction and therefore get the best flavour, aroma and texture. 

The commercial-grade, stainless steel conical burrs in our grinder deliver superior precision, with even grounds for optimal extraction. The design is naturally energy-efficient and heat resistant, which is why burr grinders are the choice of coffee professionals. Anti-static technology in the grinder also helps to reduce the static charge, for a clean coffee grinding experience and less mess.


Makes dosing easy

Faultless dosing is easy with automatic smart dosing technology. Just select the cups or shots you’d like and the grind-time is automatically adjusted to deliver the proper volume and consistency. You’ll get the optimal dose, no matter what the grind size or brew method you’re using.

Want a coffee taste that’s absolutely bang on? The micro-time adjuster lets you fine-tune the grind time in 0.2-second increments for the ultimate flavour customisation. Increase the grind time to increase the coffee ground amount, or decrease the grind time to decrease the coffee ground amount. You can then save your settings, all ready for next time.


Coffee house consistency, every time

Consistency is everything when you’re brewing coffee. If your grounds are not all the same size, some will be over extracted, some will be under extracted, which can result in unpleasant tasting coffee.

Our burr grinder is designed to deliver an exceptionally consistent grind size for all brew methods. Choose from 70 grind settings (from coarse for French Press, to fine for Espresso) confident in the knowledge that you’ll get perfectly equal results for the best flavour extraction. Don’t worry, your precious beans are in good hands.


Designed for espresso aficionados

If you’re an avid espresso maker, you’ll know that the portafilter is where the coffee magic happens. It’s the famous part of the espresso machine we’ve all seen baristas expertly use, with the handle and basket, which holds the coffee grounds.

This coffee grinder is cleverly designed with a built-in adjustable portafilter holder, so you can grind directly into a 54 mm or 58 mm portafilter for your home espresso machine. This gives you ultimate bean-to-cup freshness and means you’re all ready for tamping.


Keep your beans fresh and delicious

Look after them well, and you can enjoy the freshness of your coffee beans for around a month. Light, air, heat and moisture are their biggest enemies, so it’s important to keep them protected.

We’ve specially designed our KitchenAid coffee grinder hoppers to be UV resistant to keep beans and grounds fresher. The removable coffee bean top hopper of our grinder allows you to save and transfer unused beans back into an air-tight container for freshkeeping and to easily switch beans between brews.


Pair it with our espresso machine

The KitchenAid coffee grinder is designed to pair perfectly with the KitchenAid espresso machine (sold separately). You can choose a matching colour so that they sit as a complementary pair. Plus, the machines are built to support each other, so you can even grind your coffee directly into the espresso machine’s portafilter, all ready to go!

Want it on its own? The grinder happily stands alone too. You can use it to grind fresh coffee for espresso or any other brew method or style, from drip coffee to cold brew. It’s chic enough to have pride of place on your counter, and comes in our classic range of colours.


An amazing grinder that allows you to enjoy a super fresh single or double espresso any time. It's very quick and efficient and looks amazing with the rest of my KitchenAid appliances.

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