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Coffee machines

How to attach the cloth to the siphon coffee brewer?Which type of coffee is used for the espresso machine?What's the difference between the four filter baskets?How much ground coffee per espresso?How hard should I tamp when making espresso?What kind of water should be used for espresso?Which burr grinder setting should I use?How to programme espresso water temperature and water hardness?How to programme the quantity of espresso and hot water?Can I use ESE pods in the espresso machine?What do the buttons mean on the Espresso Machine?How to clean your espresso machine?How often to clean your espresso machine?How to clean the cold brew coffee maker?How do you descale a coffee machine?Why is there a knocking or pumping sound during the cycle?Why does the Espresso Machine drip too slowly?Why is the steam wand not working or flowing slowly?Why are the lights on or flashing on the espresso machine?Why is my espresso machine not producing crema?Why does the espresso flow over the edge of the portafilter?Why does espresso come out too quickly?What if my Espresso Machine won't start?How to restore factory setting on the Espresso Machine?How to make perfect microfoam milk?What if my Espresso Machine won't start?How do I get perfectly steamed milk?Which coffee recipes can I make with my espresso machine?How to make a great cup of coffee?