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Chefs love this powerful hand blender with hands-free clamp and safety cord.

3 included accessories
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Powerful hand blender for commercial kitchens

Power through tough ingredients with the 1 HP motor on this hand blender, designed with busy professionals in mind. Crush, blend, froth, purée and even leave it working on its own. 

Variable speed 1 HP motor

18,000 RPM top speed 9,000 RPM low speed

Multipurpose blade

Second handle and protective grip

Hands-free bowl clamp

3.65 m high-visibility orange cord for safety

Neat cord wrap and easy storage

What's in the box?

Expectations are exceeded with this KitchenAid hand blender 5KHBC414 for hectic environments. You get extras and safety features and it all stores neatly away. 

Get a grip on professional hand blending

When you’re blending in a hectic kitchen, you need a hand blender that’s as determined as you are. This model brings you everything from a powerful motor to ergonomic handling and safety features. Whip up batter, crush frozen berries, blend sauce in moments.


Pick up a powerful 1 HP motor

Change speeds while you handle a variety of blending tasks. With a 1 HP motor at your fingertips, you’re in control and can quickly achieve the consistency you want. Need a silky smooth purée in a hurry? No problem. This hand blender can handle any type of food, from celery to beans or ginger root. Just throw it in and watch it break down.


Slow or fast, you’ll soon be ready to serve

One speed isn’t enough for your professional kitchen. You can use this hand blender precisely with the variable speed options. Low speeds are for stirring and high speeds are for whipping and aerating. 

The 9,000 RPM low speed is your answer to stirring and blending smoothly and gently. Or, the 18,000 RPM top speed is ideal for velvet purées, whipping cream and emulsifying.


Multipurpose blade can do it all

The stainless steel multipurpose blade is truly versatile. Depending on how you use it, and on which speed, can be used to blend, crush, chop, purée and aerate. Think soups, dips, sauces, batters, dressing and more. The sharp S-blade is covered to help prevent food splashing while blending.

You can also add the optional whisk (available separately) for a dedicated whipping.


Get hands on with your creations

With its ergonomic handle design, this KitchenAid hand blender gives you the versatility to make it your way. It features a protective grip, and the handle adjusts to 3 different positions to give you the best leverage.

You’ll never need to go looking for more tools to get the job done. Simply adjust the handle and work your way around any piece of cookware, jug or bowl found in a professional kitchen.


As good as an extra pair of hands

Look, no hands! When pressure builds and you need an extra pair of hands, simply reach for the bowl clamp. Securely attach the hand blender to the edge of the bowl using this handy tool and let it continue working by itself.

While the blender carries on with non-stop blending, you’ll free up your hands for other tasks around the kitchen. Keep an eye on its progress while you do some prepping, cooking, or cleaning up your worktop.


High visibility for busy kitchens

When working with other people in a bustling environment at peak hours, the last thing on your mind is watching out for dangling cords while you swerve around with steaming pots.

To make sure it’s always visible, we’ve given the cord a highly visible bright orange colour. It’s also 3.65 m long, so you can reach different areas of the kitchen while making sure it’s visible to everyone moving around you.


On the move? Pack it up and go

Whether you’re working in multiple locations on different nights, or catering at events, it’s easy to grab and go with your hand blender. The handy storage case keeps all the parts protected and neatly packed together, and is tough enough to travel wherever work or inspiration takes you. 

Just pack it in, roll up the cord, and use the cord wrap to keep it nice and compact inside the case. Protect your investment and enjoy it for years to come.

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