Whether you're looking for the ease of nonstick pans, the performance of stainless steel, or just a desire for a pop of color, KitchenAid offers a large selection of individual cookware pieces to help make your next meal a culinary success.


Choosing high quality cookware is the first step for high performance cooking.

Saucepots and casseroles

Perfect for many recipes, from sauces to rice, from stews to ragouts.

Skillets and frying pans

Ideal for cooking omelets, pancakes, vegetables, steaks, fish and poultry.

A range of highly performing cookware for countless recipes

Made from the best

The materials used for the range of cookware make the difference: first quality stainless steel, aluminium and copper, to grant durability and cleanability along the years.

Answering you creativity needs

KitchenAid cookware range is available in different sizes and shapes, allowing various capacities. From large-capacity pots to middle - sized frying pans, to help you succeed in plenty recipes.

Passionate about cooking

Cooking for the people you love is the most tasteful way to show them you care. Choose the right recipe, fetch the ingredients, put on your apron. Start cooking.

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