KitchenAid Artisan Black Tie Limited Edition
Stand Mixer

Iconic design in limited edition

Introducing the first monochromatic version of KitchenAid unmistakable creation: the Artisan Stand Mixer. A bold, new interpretation of a long time icon. A style statement in the elegant shades of black, created only in few, perfect pieces. A limited edition with unlimited charm.

Discover Edd's black recipe

We have challenged our ambassador Edd Kimber - baker, food writer and TV personality - to create something truly unique inspired by the Black Tie Stand Mixer Limited Edition, with the same features of our new entry: black, elegant, iconic and limited edition! Discover the amazing outburst of his creativity!

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for Edd's Black Charcoal Brioche Doughnuts.


A modern and sophisticated take on an iconic item, able to add a touch of elegance and glamour to any kitchen countertop. Not only a style statement, but a piece of art that never goes out of style.


A celebration of a KitchenAid classic: the Artisan Stand Mixer. The result is a unique item, that with its lines and new look enhances the iconic factor.


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