Dough hook accessories for your stand mixer

Save yourself the effort of hand kneading dough with your mixer. Make delicious bread, pizza and pasta dough with the dough hook accessory for kneading and mixing.

The joy of homemade bread

Fill your home with the mouthwatering smell of fresh bread, whether it’s cheddar bread or sourdough. The dough hook on the KitchenAid mixer is sometimes called a ‘dough blade’ or “C” dough hook because of its C-shape claw. It mimics the motion of hand kneading, doing the hard work of stretching and massaging for you.

Red mixer and dough hook with fresh bread made

Powered by your KitchenAid stand mixer

Attach the dough hook into your tilt-head or bowl-lift stand mixer for fast and efficient mixing and kneading. Designed exclusively to work with KitchenAid stand mixers, these baking accessories circulate with a planetary action for thorough results every time.

Dough hook on yellow mixer with stainless steel mixing bowl

How long do I knead with a KitchenAid mixer?

It’s much faster than doing it by hand. Kneading for 2 minutes with your mixer is equivalent to kneading by hand for 10 to 12 minutes. So, you won’t need to knead the bread for more than a few minutes until you achieve the desired consistency.

Black mixer with stainless steel mixing bowl

Make yeast bread with a dough hook

For yeast bread recipes, save your arms with a mixer:

  • Use the flat beater to mix the ingredients on speed 1-4
  • Switch to the dough hook for kneading at speed 2, to strengthen the gluten. (Do not exceed speed 2 when kneading or you may damage the stand mixer)
  • You've finished when the dough looks smooth, is springy and holds its shape
  • Cover with clingfilm and leave to proof (rise) before baking
Red mixer kneading dough to make yeast bread

Why is bread rising called proofing?

Allowing yeast bread to rise is called ‘proofing’ or ‘proving’. This means allowing time for the yeast fermentation to occur, resulting in a risen (or swollen) piece of dough.

Red mixer kneading dough and walnuts with dough hook

Why do I need a dough hook?

Of course, you don’t need a stand mixer to make dough. People have been kneading bread for thousands of years. However, using a dough hook mixer saves lots of time and allows you to easily achieve a great result. Dough hooks vary in material, with some being anti-stick coated.

Cream mixer and homemade pizza

Make pasta dough with a dough hook

The simplest ingredients create delicious pasta: eggs, flour and perhaps a little salt. You don’t need to use the flat beater to mix the pasta dough; you can use the dough hook from the start. Once you’ve created your ball of dough, let it rest in clingfilm in the fridge.

Spaghetti with rucola and cherrie tomatoes

Tip for making pasta dough

If you knead your pasta dough with your stand mixer for a minute or so and it’s still crumbly, then add a few drops of water. It should be nice and elastic when you have finished.

Homemade green fettucine

Make pizza dough with a dough hook

Who needs a pizza delivery? You can make a beautiful base with flour, water, salt, yeast and extra virgin olive oil. Some people add sugar to help the dough rise, but it isn’t essential. The finishing touch is a little cornmeal or semolina for rolling as this gives a professional finish.

Homemade pizza with basil and tomato cherries

Fun with pizza toppings

Pizza toppings are fun for children, so let them sprinkle cheese, ham, basil, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers, pickles or even avocado. Get creative and try something really unusual. Your family and friends won’t be able to resist another slice.

Grey mixer with stainless steel mixing bowl and dough hook attachment

Which dough hook is right for you?

Find one compatible with your stand mixer and choose the material you prefer, from aluminium to highly durable stainless steel.

Mixers tilt-head 3.3L

Model 5KSM35CDH - Aluminium and anti-stick powder coating (polyester) - Dishwasher safe

Red mixer tilt head with dough hook

Mixers tilt-head 4.3L and 4.8L

Model 5KSM5THDHSS - Stainless steel - Dishwasher safe

Model 5K452DH - Aluminium and anti-stick nylon coated - Dishwasher safe

Stainless steel mixer tilt head and mixing bowl with dough hook attachment

Mixers bowl-lift 4.8L

Model 5K5A2DH - Aluminium with non-stick nylon coating - Dishwasher safe

Red mixer bowl lift in professional kitchen

Mixers bowl-lift 6.9L

Model 5K7SDH - Stainless steel - Dishwasher safe

Model 5K7DH - Aluminium with non-stick nylon coating - Dishwasher safe

White mixer bowl lift and focaccia
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