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Your coffee adventure starts here

If you’ve treated yourself to our Espresso machine, then it’s safe to say you’re a coffee enthusiast, or maybe even an aficionado. You know that delicious espresso starts with high quality coffee and high quality equipment. Let’s get started.

Enjoy our free guide

Download here the digital Espresso Starter Guide. It gives you an introduction to the basics of great coffee, and of course, espresso. Learn all about grinding coffee, brewing times and popular espresso-based drinks. You’ll also find some great tips and tricks.

What makes a great cup of coffee?

For coffee house quality espresso, it’s a combination of fresh, good quality beans, and the correct brew method.

Spilling the beans about coffee beans

The quality and flavour of coffee beans are determined by:

  • environmental factors, such as sun, soil and water
  • preparation factors, such as picking, drying and roasting methods.

Roasting transforms the raw beans into the brown, aromatic, flavourful beans we know and love.

  • It releases the oils and flavour unique to its region or origin.
  • Roasts range from light to dark and influence the final flavour.

Precise brewing & preparation

There are 3 key factors that impact the flavour of your espresso:

  1. The water temperature has to be exactly right for the coffee grinds to bloom and release their flavour.
  2. Precise, even grinding is crucial, as espresso needs a certain grind size to get the fullest flavour.
  3. Timing is everything, for full flavour extraction from your beans.

Find the perfect grind

Choosing the right grind size depends on what you’re brewing. Size matters because it affects the extraction rate and therefore the taste. For espresso, the grind should be perfectly fine and even. Too coarse and it will be under-extracted and sour, too fine and it will be over-extracted and silty.

Espresso recipes

Most coffee drinks begin with the perfect espresso. From refreshing summer drinks to winter warmers, mid-morning treats to evening cocktails - it’s time to get making.


Layers of espresso, milk and foam, with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top. Perfect!

Start making

Iced coffee

Too delicious to save for summer, iced coffee is sweet, chilled, creamy and refreshing.

Start making

Irish coffee

An after dinner favourite, piping hot espresso, sugar and Irish whiskey, topped with cream.

Start making

Introducing our Espresso Collection

We’ve got all the tools you need for your espresso journey. Our coffee grinder works together with our espresso machine for authentic espresso making. Choose your colour scheme for a beautiful matching set.

Getting to know your espresso machine

You will be eager to get to know your shiny new coffee maker. Your espresso machine has a number of different parts, which all work together to bring you the perfect shot. Here’s a quick guide.

Cup warmer

Keep cups ready with the handy cup warmer on top of your machine.

Steam wand

Make milky coffee drinks like a pro with stainless steel steam wand.


Our portafilter has a unique flat base to help you achieve a consistent, even tamp.


Choose between double or single wall, 1 or 2 shots. See our handy Basket selection chart below.


For pressing your grounds into the basket to create the coffee ‘puck’.

Milk pitcher

Use this with the steam wand — just fill with your fresh and cold milk.

Technology meets traditional espresso brewing

These handy buttons make it easy to control and prepare your espresso. Choose the mode and the number of shots - and there’s even a clean cycle.

Mode button

Espresso, Steam, Hot water

Mode button

Dose button

1 (1 shot), 2 (2 shot)

Dose button

Clean cycle button

The clean cycle prevents limescale build up and keeps the machine running smoothly.

Clean cycle button

Start/cancel button

Used to start the brewing process and start/stop the steam and hot water modes.

Start/cancel button

Grinder features that coffee experts will love

We’ve thought of everything, to help take the guesswork out of coffee grinding.

Selecting the grind size

Choose from 70 precise settings to easily match with your brew method.

Selecting the grind size

Fine-tune the coffee amount for a dose

Choose the number of cups or shots you’d like and you’ll automatically get the right dose.

Fine-tune the coffee amount for a dose

To adjust the coffee amount for a dose

Adjust the grind time if you want to customise the amount of coffee per dose, so it’s just how you like it.

To adjust the coffee amount for a dose

Saving your dose adjustments

Once you’ve customised your perfect dose, you can save it using the program button.

Saving your dose adjustments

Coffee grinding tips

  1. For maximum bean-to-cup freshness, grind just before brewing.
  2. Try different grinds and brew times to see what works best for you.
  3. If you’re making espresso, you can grind straight into the portafilter.
  4. Safely store unused beans in the specially-designed grinder hoppers.
Texturing milk: foam and steamed milk

With the steam wand of the espresso machine, you can make either microfoam or steamed (heated) milk. Here’s how...


  1. Always start with cold milk and a cold milk pitcher.
  2. Put the tip of the steam wand just below the surface of the milk in the milk pitcher and froth until the milk doubles in volume.
  3. Make sure the tip of the wand is kept near the surface of the milk, to draw in air.
  4. Once it’s doubled, lower the steam wand into the milk, tilting the pot to create a vortex in the milk, until the pot is almost too hot to hold.
  5. Gently swirl the milk and tap against the counter to release any air bubbles.
  6. The frothed milk is ready.

Steamed milk

  1. Always start with cold milk and a cold milk pitcher.
  2. Submerge the tip of the steam wand below the surface of the milk in the pot and froth until the pitcher feels warm.
  3. Once it’s warm, lower the steam wand into the milk, tilting the pot to create a vortex in the milk, until the pot is almost too hot to hold.
  4. Now you have steamed milk, with a little bit of foam.

Texturing milk for your favourite drinks

Most espresso-based coffee shop drinks involve steam milk or foam in different ratios, or delicious layers of both. Here’s a quick guide to the fabulous three...


Three distinct layers of espresso, steamed milk and microfoam. Try to aerate your milk enough to end up with 1cm of pillowy texture on top.


Start with espresso, then 2/3 steamed milk. Aim for slightly less aeration to give you just 0.5cm of tasty microfoam on top.

Flat white

Flat whites need less aeration. Give your milk pitcher just one sip of air, then steam and swirl. This gives you thinner milk, with little to no microfoam.

Espresso terminology

There are lots of words and phrases used in the world of espresso, which can make it all seem rather confusing.
Here’s some of the widely used ones.

Pulling a shot

The act of brewing a shot of espresso.


Basket / filter

This holds the coffee grounds to brew an espresso. It sits inside the portafilter and is locked into the group head. There are 2 types: single and double wall, and different sizes for 1 or 2 shots.


Bars of pressure

Bars are a measure of atmospheric pressure. One bar is equal to the amount of natural pressure at sea level. 15 bars is considered the optimal amount of pressure for espresso extraction.



This is the handle that holds the basket/filter, which then fits into the machine’s group head.



The release of CO2 from the grounds - allowing water to penetrate into the coffee grounds and extract the solubles for optimal flavour.



Used to compress the coffee into a level puck inside the basket/filter. This action is called ‘tamping’. Properly tamped coffee will produce an even extraction of coffee compounds.



The tan-colored foam on top of a shot of espresso, created from the extracted oils.


Steam wand/ frothing wand

The part of most espresso machines that delivers steam to ‘texture’ milk placed in the milk pitcher underneath.


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