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18 recipes

From the pantry

  • Perfect Pizza Dough

    The only thin crust Italian pizza dough recipe you’ll ever need!

    • 65' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Hazelnut Brownies

    Rich and decadent brownies that will make you go nuts!

    • 15' Prep work
    • 50' Cooking
  • A Perfect Crêpe

    A fool proof recipe to make the best crêpes every time!

    • 10' Prep work
    • 30' Cooking
  • Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Delicious soft chewy chocolate chip cookies.

    • 20' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Banana oat pancakes

    These no-flour pancakes are very tasty and quickly made in a blender.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Apple blondies

    Delicious blondies packed with apple pieces.

    • 20' Prep work
    • 40' Cooking

Delight your senses

  • 3-ingredient shortbread cookies

    Easy 3-ingredient cookies everybody loves.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking
  • Classic oatmeal cookies

    English classic oatmeal cookies, good as breakfast, snack or enjoyed with tea.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Black olive tapenade

    This tapenade is simple but rich in flavour.

    • 5' Prep work
  • Homemade banana bread

    Perfectly sweet banana bread enjoyed with chocolate chips is an American classic.

    • 15' Prep work
    • 60' Cooking
  • Chocolate mug cake

    Satisfy your chocolate cravings immediately with this fast chocolate mug cake.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 70' Cooking
  • Easy chocolate mousse

    Easy chocolate mousse that is decadent and rich.

    • 10' Prep work
  • Flourless chocolate cake

    The best chocolate cake you will ever eat.

    • 20' Prep work
    • 50' Cooking
  • Pizza bianca

    The best white pizza you will ever make.

    • 75' Prep work
    • 20' Cooking
  • Strawberry jam

    Classic strawberry jam that everyone will love.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 5' Cooking
  • Veggie frittata

    Perfect fritatta full of summer vegetables.

    • 10' Prep work
    • 30' Cooking
  • Easy Flatbread

    This easy flatbread will make a perfect appetizer of a great side dish.

    • 15' Cooking
  • Applesauce

    Learn how to make this super easy smooth apple sauce in no time.

    • 5' Prep work
    • 15' Cooking

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