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Ice cream maker 5KICA0WH

€ 95,20 € 119,00
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€ 95,20 € 119,00
Ice cream maker 5KICA0WH
€ 95,20 € 119,00
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5KICA0WH - 859704001360

Ice cream maker is a handy attachment that transforms your mixer into a frozen treat machine. Create slushies, sorbets and ice cream from scratch.

€ 95,20 € 119,00
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Ice cream maker: what's in the box?

Freeze bowl with dual walls

After freezing for at least 15 hours, the liquid within the double walls provides thorough, even freezing of the ice cream batter throughout the mixing process.

Ice cream drive assembly

Attaches to the motor head on the beater shaft and drives the dasher on all KitchenAid stand mixers (other than the Stand Mixer model 5KSM3311X).


Designed for making ice cream and frozen treats, the dasher engages with the drive assembly to spread, scrape and mix the ingredients within the freeze bowl.


Treat yourself to cool and frozen treats

Love ice cream, sorbet and icy treats? Of course you do. Make them from scratch with this optional ice cream maker attachment for your stand mixer.

1.9L of ice cream

Create generous amounts of ice cream, sorbet, frozen desserts and also slushies and cocktails like margaritas. There's enough to share.

Thorough and even

The special bowl thoroughly freezes your creations. It has dual walls containing liquid for even results throughout the mixing process.

Mixes your ingredients

The rotating dasher in the ice cream maker mixes ingredients like fruits, nuts, candies and choc chips. Try something new.

Tip for making soft or hard ice cream

The ice cream machine from KitchenAid allows you to make gorgeous, soft ice cream. If you prefer hard ice cream then store your creation in the freezer in an airtight container. All ready for next time you want to indulge. 

How to use the ice cream maker

Your step by step:

Step 1 : Store the bowl in your freezer for at least 15 hours (completely frozen)
Step 2: Prepare ice cream batter in advance (up to 1.4 L)
Step 3: Put the freeze bowl on the stand mixer (sold separately)
Step 4: Attach the drive assembly and the dasher
Step 5: Add your ice cream batter to the bowl
Step 6: Mix for 20 to 30 minutes on speed 1
Step 7: Serve in dessert dishes or freeze in an airtight container for later



Powered by your KitchenAid mixer

Turn your mixer into an ice cream maker. This optional attachment is designed to work exclusively with 4.3L and 4.8L tilt-head mixers and 4.8L and 6.9L bowl-lift mixers (NOT the 3.3L stand mixer).

No matter how old your KitchenAid mixer, it will drive this fun and convenient ice cream maker. Enjoy!

Tip for yummy sweet desserts

Keep in mind that freezing subdues sweetness, so your creations won’t taste quite so sweet once they’ve frozen.

How creamy do you like it?

Most homemade ice cream recipes call for a combination of cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. The type of cream you choose affects how rich in flavour and creamy in texture the result will be. Pick a cream with a higher percentage of fat if you prefer richer, creamy consistencies.

Like it light? You can use any combination in your ice cream maker, as long as the liquid measurement stays the same. So switch out cream for more milk if that suits you. Even skimmed milk works, but there will be a noticeable difference in texture. Keep experimenting.

Room in your freezer?

Take care to check that you can fit the freeze bowl in your freezer. It measures 17.8cm H x 27.9cm W x 21.6cm D.

Ice cream maker 5KICA0WH

Experiment with making your own ice cream from scratch, as well as all kinds of interesting and fun frozen desserts. The ice cream maker freeze bowl is powered by your stand mixer. Create classic vanilla ice cream, a lively margarita cocktail, juicy berry sorbet or even a cola slushie. Not just fun for children, it’s a great tool for dinner parties and weekend treats. How does it work? Simply freeze the bowl in your freezer (ideally overnight for at least 15 hours) and then mix up the dessert with the included dasher on the drive assembly. Before treating yourself to this optional attachment, please check that you can fit the freeze bowl in your freezer. It’s 17.8cm H x 27.9cm W x 21.6cm D. By keeping it in your freezer all the time, you can be spontaneous and quickly make frozen desserts on a whim. The product is not dishwasher safe and must be cleaned by hand with warm soapy water.

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