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Metal grain mill attachment for your mixer. Create wonderful flour of any consistency.

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Grain mill for tasty homemade flour

Want the most authentic baking experience? Step forward the KitchenAid grain mill attachment. Not only do you get the wonderful taste of freshly milled flour, you can experiment with different grains to the consistency you need.

Made for all KitchenAid stand mixers

Made of durable metal

12 grain levels for precision

What's in the box?

With the KitchenAid grain mill attachment 5KGM in your life, you’ll never want shop-bought flour again. Easy to use, it takes home baking to the next level.

Freshly milled flour in minutes

Yes, you can make your own flour in your kitchen at home! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is with the KitchenAid grain mill attachment. If you love baking, you’ll love this –  and it’s perfect for both newbies and seasoned bakers. Freshly milled flour will transform your bakes, for bread, pastry, cookies or crackers. But don’t take our word for it, give it a whirl.

Mixer Attachments Grain-Mil Graining oats

Your very own flour mill, powered by your mixer

If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, there’s no need to make room for a separate countertop flour mill. Our flour mill attachment is made for all KitchenAid stand mixers and, once you’ve assembled it, just fit it to the multipurpose attachment hub, pop a bowl underneath and watch your flour drift down. It’s mesmerising! 

Milling your own flour has so many benefits. Whole wheat grain kernels (or ‘berries’) hold their nutrition and flavour right up until they are ground. So, when you buy a bag of flour, it’s already lost a considerable amount of its taste and goodness. Freshly milled wheat flour, on the other hand, is at peak flavour and nutrition. But it's not all about wheat of course. Another big benefit is the opportunity to experiment with any grain you like.

Mixer Attachments Grain-Mil Close up final product

Lots of different grains to try, from oat to quinoa

Having your own mill means you can try making flour from all sorts of non-oily grains. So, as well as wheat, you can grind oats, rice, corn, barley, buckwheat, millet, lentils and lots more. 

As well as opening up a whole world of flavours and textures, our grain mill attachment is great news for those who need, or just prefer, a gluten-free diet. And, because you can make just the amount you need, it’s always fresh and you’re not stuck with lots of bags of different flours sitting around in your kitchen cupboard.

Mixer Attachments Grain-Mil Close up 12 grind levels

Choose from 12 grind levels for different textures

Another way to play around with your bakes is by grinding to different levels of coarseness. With our flour grinder attachment, you can choose between 12 levels on the dial – from a very coarse ‘cracked’ to a fine grind.

Different foods and recipes need different flour grinds – pastry and cakes, for example, need a finer grind, while certain breads need a coarser one. Or you can create different textures for your bread, adding a handful of very coarse textured flour into a loaf made with finely ground flour, to give it extra bite.

Mixer Attachments Grain-Mil Mixer with attachment on countertop

Fuss-free cleaning up

The all-metal construction of the flour mill attachment means that it’s  and easily cleaned in warm, soapy water. not suitable for the dishwasher, but is easily cleaned in warm soapy water. We’ve included a special brush for cleaning it between changing types of grains. If you wash the attachment, make sure you leave the parts to air dry. Job done.

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