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Sift and weigh dry ingredients with our attachment for baking with all mixers.

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Precise baking and fluffier results

The KitchenAid sifter and scale attachment is every keen baker’s dream. It accurately weighs and sifts dry ingredients straight into the bowl. It gives you consistent results every time, and the lightest, fluffiest bakes.

Made for all KitchenAid stand mixers

Integrated digital scale

Automatic sifting for fluffy results

3-in-1 chute, hopper, sifter

What's in the box?

The KitchenAid sifter and scale attachment 5KSMSFTA handles multiple stages of food prep work in one step. That means less work, and less washing up too, so it’s a win-win! 


Makes baking a piece of cake

Get consistent results every time with this clever attachment. Watch it speed through the measuring and sifting, for lighter-than-air bakes to be proud of.

Better baking, just like that

Baking is like a science. Accuracy and method are everything, and can make or break your bakes. The KitchenAid scale and sifter attachment digitally measures your dry ingredients, then sifts to remove lumps and add air into the mix. That means less work, more precision and better results.


The must-have tool for busy bakers

The KitchenAid sifter and scale attachment is an essential accessory for busy bakers. It lets you gradually add weighed, sifted ingredients into the mixing bowl, hands-free, and with no mess. Just fit it to the attachment hub of any KitchenAid stand mixer, put your ingredients in the hopper and watch it go. 

From whipping up sweet treats, to tasty loaves of homemade bread, this attachment will help make sure what comes out of the oven is just how you like it.


Accuracy is everything in baking

Precise measurements are a critical part of baking success. Professional bakers need consistent results, so always follow their recipe to the letter as the slightest mis-measure can have a big effect on the bake.

The easy-to-use digital scale measures ingredients by weight for a greater level of precision, compared to measuring by volume. So your baked goods turn out just the way they should. The digital scale works either as part of the attachment or can stand alone on your countertop for weighing ingredients in other cooking tasks, using the included scale plate.


Hands-free fluffy results

Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all been tempted to leave out the sifting part of a recipe. But sifting your dry ingredients, such as flour, baking soda or baking powder, means more thorough mixing and fluffier bakes. Not only does sifting incorporate air into the mix, it avoids lumps.

Powered by your mixer, the automatic sifter does all the sifting for you, leaving you time to get on with whatever else you’re cooking up. Deliciously light bakes, with minimum effort. And, when you’re weighing and adding ingredients that don't need to be sifted, such as chocolate chips, the sifter is super easy to take off.


3-in-1 helper for less prep and less mess

Our combined scale, sifter and chute takes care of multiple stages of prep work, in one step. This means less gadgets, less countertop mess and less dirty dishes. Weigh, sift, and neatly funnel the ingredients into your mixer bowl, or alternatively, swivel the funnel outwards to direct ingredients into a separate container with no spills. 

The hopper can take multiple ingredients at the same time. Just add your dry ingredients until you’ve reached the desired weight for your recipe, turn the mixer on, open the ingredient valve and watch it sift away.


Cleaning up is simple too

Not only do you use less bowls and dishes with the sifter and scale, the attachment itself is a  doddle to clean. All the parts (apart from the scale and sifter housing) will safely go in the top rack of your dishwasher.  Then just wipe the housing clean with a warm, damp cloth, and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing away for next time.


I had this for christmas as i make a lot of cakes, i absolutely love it because i don't have to weigh it on my big scales. I would recommend it to anyone.

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