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Cookbook of recipes for the 6.9 L bowl-lift mixer. Try 25 recipes for parties.

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Cookbook for big parties

The KitchenAid Cookbook for Mixers 6.9L has 25 chef-inspired recipes, allowing you to easily create amazing dishes and food for large groups without breaking into a sweat. All with the help of your 6.9 L bowl-lift mixer.

25 original recipes

Recipe ideas for your 6.9 L stand mixer

Recipes to effortlessly delight 12 guests or more

Don't let the thought of entertaining lots of people put you off your cooking game. The Cookbook for mixers 6.9L (CBSHOP6.9MUK), by Sergio Herman, renowned Dutch three Michelin-starred chef, is the answer to all your prayers. With 25 recipes to make in your 6.9 L bowl-lift mixer, it’s all you need to impress large parties of 12 or more!

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Many guests = no problem

Created especially for KitchenAid, the Cookbook for Mixers 6.9L is a treasure trove of recipes for passionate cooks and professionals. A taster of the kind of recipes you can find for your home, events or business are 14 portions of tiramisu, 35 mini pizzas, 40 bread rolls, 80 little chocolate cakes, 30 glasses of sabayon and so much more. You’ll never run out of food and drink ideas to wow your many guests. Book written in English.

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