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Flat beater with a silicon edge to mix and scrape in our 3.3 L mini mixer.

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The beater with extra edge

This clever beater 5KFE5T is designed to fit your 3.3 L mini mixer. Watch it get to work folding, mixing, mashing, beating or creaming, while the flexible silicon edge scrapes the bowl for a thorough mix.

Coated metal with silicone edge

Made for the 3.3 L stand mixer


No more sticky situations

The KitchenAid mini flex edge beater mixes and scrapes at the same time. It’s ideal for sticky cakes and cookies, but equally brilliant for meatball mixtures and for quick,hands-free shredding of slow-cooked meats like chicken or beef.


Thorough mixing, even for heavy ingredients

The KitchenAid 3.3 L flex edge beater works efficiently for all kinds of mixes — even heavier foods, like cakes, frostings, cookie dough and even for mashed potatoes. But the real icing on the cake is the ingenious flexible edge. 

The bendy silicon side of the flex edge beater delivers faster mixing, without you having to stop and use a spatula to scrape the mixture back into the bowl. Now that’s smart thinking.


Fits to your 3.3 L stand mixer

This KitchenAid mini flex edge beater is specially made to perfectly fit your 3.3 L stand mixer (5KSM3311X). Once it’s attached, you’ll love its beat-and-scrape action, getting every last bit of the ingredients off the side of your bowl. Nothing will go to waste and your bowl will be easy to clean. This beater is great for all kinds of tasks in your kitchen, particularly when you’re working with sticky foods like honey or golden syrup.

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