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Mix heavy ingredients like cookies with this paddle for the 4.8 L bowl-lift mixer.

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The perfect non-stick paddle

One of the most versatile attachments you’ll ever use, this non-stick paddle (5K5A2B) is built for mixing heavy ingredients. Made for your 4.8 L bowl-lift mixer, it cleans up easily too.

Aluminium with non-stick coating

Made for the 4.8 L Heavy duty stand mixer 5KPM5


Paddle attachment for ambitious creations

Reach for this non-stick paddle attachment (also called a flat-beater) when you’re dealing with large or heavy mixtures. Make beautiful pulled pork, mashed potatoes, icing and cakes without breaking into a sweat. Fits your 4.8 L Heavy Duty bowl-lift mixer.

Mixer Parts Paddle For 4.8 L Bowl-lift Mixers with cookies

Durable enough to withstand wear

Made of aluminium and coated, this non-stick paddle from KitchenAid is durable enough to do the hard work for years to come. So whether you’re mixing up mashed potatoes or serious amounts of cookies, this hardy attachment is strong enough to get the job done. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is a breeze.

Mixer Parts Paddle For 4.8 L Bowl-lift Mixers with ingredients on countertop

A match for your 4.8 L bowl-lift

Designed to fit your 4.8 L Heavy Duty bowl-lift mixer, the paddle’s non-stick coating allows it to beat and evenly mix ingredients for bakes efficiently. Your food ingredients will quickly combine, rather than clinging to the paddle itself. Helpful for busy makers!

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