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€ 84,15 € 99,00
€ 84,15 € 99,00
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5KSMPB7SS - 859711635990

Pastry beater in stainless steel to effortlessly break down butter for consistently light pastries and more.

€ 84,15 € 99,00
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Pastry beater: what’s in the box?

Pastry beater

Pastry beater for 6.9L bowl-lift mixers, made out of stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.


Includes scraper for easy cleaning of the beater.


Why you’ll love the pastry beater

  • Specialised beater for pastries
  • Easily cuts cold butter into flour
  • Creates handmade-quality pastry dough
  • Evenly distributes ingredients and minimises the risk of overmixing
  • Also suitable for mashing or shredding
  • Fits your 6.9L bowl-lift mixer
  • Made of premium stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

Shred without the stress

Shredded meat is always a crowd pleaser. Do it effortlessly with this accessory in your mixer. Chicken, pork, beef... the choice is yours.

Horizontal blades love butter

A bit like a manual pastry blender tool, the blades make light work of butter. That means it melts in the oven to create air pockets in flaky pastry.

Airy dough for your creations

Make pastry to be proud. You’ll be able to get consistent results for tarts, biscuits, empanadas… mouthwatering every time.

Make pastry with confidence

There’s an art to making your own pastry. The key is those little pieces of cold butter, blended evenly through the dough that give you the flakiness you’re aiming for. 
There are manual pastry blenders to do the job, but our pastry beater does it all for you, in seconds. Designed to cut in cold butter, without overmixing or heating it up, for effortless homemade pastry.

It mashes and shreds too

This clever attachment is no one-trick pony. Not only does it take the stress out of homemade pastry, it takes the hard work out of mashing and shredding too.
Moist, tender shredded meats are delicious in so many recipes, from the classic chicken sandwich, to pulled pork burritos. And mash doesn’t need to stop at potatoes, try sweet potato mash, or mashed cooked or soft fruits for dessert toppings. This beater tackles them all.

Do the dip

Did we mention this pastry beater is perfect for making chunky dips too? A homemade dip can be a game-changer when it comes to livening up a meal, or bringing out when surprise guests drop in.
You can rustle up all sorts of impressive combinations in no time with our pastry beater. How about blue cheese and sour cream, crab and chilli, or spinach and cream cheese? And let’s face it, it’s not taco night without a yummy guacamole on the side. Dip in!


This special pastry beater is an optional accessory for your KitchenAid stand mixer. It will effortlessly break down butter for consistently light pastries, enabling you to cut the butter without melting, so that it can melt in the oven to create flaky and airy pastries. Also ideal for mashing or shredding veggies and fruits, it’s useful for lots of everyday tasks. Whether you’re making pastries for the family or shredded meat and guacamole for an evening with friends, reach for this ingenious tool with its horizontal stripes. Doing the job of a manual pastry blender tool in moments, it works with the planetary action of the mixer to break down cold butter into suitable chunks for even distribution. This pastry beater is made of premium stainless steel and fits your 6.9L bowl-lift mixer. Enjoy the confidence to make wonderful pastry dough with handmade results.

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Raise the bar in pastry

Surprise yourself in the kitchen with exactly the right accessory to hand. The pastry beater works in harmony with the stand mixer to make delightful treats. Which will be your favourite?

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