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5 years guarantee

Iconic, versatile tilt-head mixer in our rich magenta Colour of the Year.

7 included accessory
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Say hello to our fabulous Beetroot mixer

Whip, beat, stir, knead or mash, this rich-coloured 4.8 L Mixer - Beetroot Artisan does it all. With its original planetary action and famous curves, it’s the style icon from the #1 MIXER BRAND IN THE WORLD (1). It comes with an extra 3 L bowl and 6 accessories.

Tilt-head style

Planetary action & 10 speeds

4 accessories, plus scraper & pouring shield

2 stainless steel bowls

Sturdy die-cast metal body

5-year guarantee

15+ optional attachments

What's in the box?

You’ll get everything you need to mix, knead, whisk, shred and cut in pastry. Vibrant creations, here we come!

7 included accessory

Uproot the ordinary

Make every day more lively and embrace your adventurous side. Try the unexpected in regular recipes, adding colour and fun to the ordinary.

A burst of colour and 100 years of history

This eye-catching KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer combines all our years of expertise to make every task a breeze. Meringue, pastry or frosting – you name it, your mixer can do it. It takes you way beyond cakes, to mashing potato or kneading dough, shredding cooked chicken or mixing meatballs.


Stand mixer that’s ready for anything

The KitchenAid mixer was the first home stand mixer to feature ‘planetary action’. But what does that actually mean? It means the shaft of the mixer rotates in one direction, while the attachment rotates in the other, giving a much more thorough mix. The beater spirals to at least 59 touchpoints around the bowl, so everything you throw in will be fully mixed in - nothing is missed.

Our Colour of the Year mixer comes with lots of accessories, so you’re ready to take on all kinds of creative menus at home. The pastry beater has horizontal bars, for cutting in butter, but also works as a regular paddle for mixing and shredding. Or, swap it for the included whisk for aerating, dough hook for kneading, or flex edge beater for those stickier mixtures. Also comes with a scraper for easy cleaning of the pastry beater.

Just select your accessory and choose your speed, from 1 for a gentle stir, to 6 for beating and creaming, and up to 10 for fast whipping. In fact, you can whip cream in less than 60 seconds (2). Now that’s impressive.


A pleasure to use

When you’re itching to get started with your new stand mixer, the last thing you need is to be working out tricky accessories and complicated controls. The tilt-head style of this mixer makes things super easy. Just lock the bowl into place, pop in your chosen beater and lower the head. Slide the speed lever to start. Simple as that. 

The included pouring shield protects the mixer and work surfaces from getting splashed when you’re adding ingredients into the bowl and mixing, so cleaning up is super easy! Just relax and relish the eating.


Big or small batches with the KitchenAid 4.8L

With this stand mixer you get not one, but two, handy bowls.This means you can make extra for batch cooking, or juggle two stages of a recipe at once. Mix your dough in one, whip your egg white in the other!

The bigger 4.8 L, two-tone stainless steel bowl has an ergonomic handle for easy lifting. It can knead up to 2 kg of dough, or mix 9 dozen cookies (3) in a single batch. The 3 L stainless steel bowl is perfect for little jobs, or can add an extra 60 (5 dozen) cookies to your baking session, without having to start all over again. That’s plenty to go around when you’re having a party or family gathering. There’s no such thing as too much beetroot cake, after all.


Built to last for generations

Strength and beauty come together in this gorgeous mixer. Like all our mixers, it's made from tough materials, combining over 100 years of engineering expertise. 

Its die-cast metal construction means it's solid and sturdy. Even the knobs are made of metal and it comes with scratch-, odour-, and stain-resistant stainless steel bowls. You also get a 5-year guarantee – just what you need for extra peace of mind.


Exciting attachments to broaden your horizons

Make any dish you’ve ever read about or dreamt up yourself – from hearty sausages to fresh orange juice or your own take on veggie noodles. Simply plug the optional attachments into the multipurpose hub at the front of your mixer and you’re ready to go. 

Choose from a variety of versatile attachments to make everything from fresh pasta to diced salads, burgers, sausages, jams and sorbet. The power hub attachments fit every stand mixer model made since 1919. The only question is: which will you try first?


Feast your eyes on the Colour of the Year

We’ve championed the power of colour since 1955. Fast forward to today and our Colour of the Year 2022 shouts positivity and playfulness. It’s inspired by the unexpected beauty you can find in everyday things, like that gorgeous burst of magenta when you first cut into the humble beetroot. Put a fresh twist on the familiar – in your food and in your home.

FionaConsett, Co. Durham

Fabulous colour Amazing machine

Oh my goodness how amazing is this fabulous kitchen aid! The colour beetroot is gorgeous and a real statement piece in my kitchen. I’ve only used it a few times and it is so efficient it’s almost sinful to switch it on! I absolutely love it.

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  1. Source Euromonitor International Limited; based on custom research conducted October November 2022 for value sales (in USD) in 2022 through all retail channels.

  2. Based on 473 ml of heavy cream (36% fat content)

  3. Based on 28g of dough per cookie