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5 years guarantee

Temperature resistant ceramic bowl in White Gardenia for 4.3, 4.7 & 4.8 L tilt-head mixers.

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White Gardenia KitchenAid ceramic bowl

As pretty as Spring itself, the White Gardenia mixing bowl is a pleasure to use. Floral, versatile and tough enough to withstand many temperatures, it will give your trusty stand mixer a fresh look. 

Made for 4.3, 4.7 & 4.8 L tilt-head mixers

4.7 L capacity

Long-lasting ceramic

Pour spout






Life tastes sweet with this beauty of a mixing bowl

Turn every season into springtime with the KitchenAid White Gardenia flower mixing bowl (5KSM2CB5PWG). Accessorise your beloved stand mixer with a ceramic bowl and get on with whipping up impressive meals. Not just a thing of beauty though, this cookie is tough as nails. It’s oven-, freezer- and microwave-safe.


A bowl for all tasks

Gone are the days when you used different bowls for different things. The KitchenAid ceramic Gardenia bowl is the only bowl you’ll ever need. Whip up your ingredients or present a fait accompli at the dining table, pop it in the oven or leave it in the freezer. 

This KitchenAid mixing bowl is up for every task. And it’s easy to clean — a quick swirl under the tap or a twirl in the dishwasher is all that’s needed to get it back to sparkling.


Highly durable and built to last

Your flowery mixing bowl won't let you down. Made from titanium-reinforced ceramic, this pretty workhorse comes with a 5 year no-chip guarantee and is resistant to cracking, crazing or staining. So you can get on with cooking, baking and creating without ever having to worry about damaging your bowl.


Garden-inspired look for your mixer

Made for 4.3 L or 4.8 L tilt-head mixers, the pretty-as-a-picture 4.7 L ceramic Gardenia bowl is a great way to personalise and breathe new life into your kitchen area. Good looks aside, this floral bowl is versatile and long-lasting. A great match for your hardworking mixer.


Goodbye messy bowls

Tired of counters and baking trays covered in streaks and blobs of mixture? Well thanks to the handy pouring spout and handle on KitchenAid’s White Gardenia flower mixing bowl, you can keep that to a minimum. Neatly transfer your mixture from bowl to tray or container without any of the mess. 

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