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Glass mixing bowl with handy quantity marks, lid, spout. For the 3.3 L mini mixer.

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Mini glass mixing bowl with spout and lid

With this glass bowl for your 3.3 L stand mixer, you can do more than mixing. You can measure ingredients, pour neatly and even store mixtures with the lid.

3.3 L capacity

Glass bowl

Pour spout


Silicone lid




What's in the box?

The glass bowl for the mini stand mixer 3.3 L comes with a lid for storing mixtures or proofing bread.

The 3.3 L glass bowl gives maximum help

Alongside its crisp and clear finish, this 3.3 L glass mixing bowl (5KSM35GB) is designed to be a true multitasker. Quantity markings on the side of the bowl help guarantee precise measurements, and its handle and pour spout make lifting, mixing and pouring simple.

Accessories-glass-mixing-bowl-3.3L with lid with avocado

Glass goes from hot to cold

Whether you’re freezing homemade ice cream or softening butter in the microwave, this bowl can do it all . Because it’s temperature resistant, it’s also dishwasher safe – which makes cleaning up quick and easy. So you’ll be ready to crack on with your next kitchen adventure in no time.

Accessories-glass-mixing-bowl-3.3L with lid mixing cookie dough

Watch while you work

Baking requires precision – and because this bowl is crystal clear, keeping an eye on your creations is a walk in the park. You’ll be able to see exactly when your batter or dough is mixed, for light and airy results every time. It’s a pleasure to watch the process unfold as your creations come to life. What will you make next?

Accessories-glass-mixing-bowl-3.3L with lid mixing red fruit cream

Made for mini tilt-head mixers

This KitchenAid 3.3 L glass bowl is built to fit seamlessly with the mini tilt-head stand mixer. With a capacity of 3.3 L, it’s ideal for quickly making up your precious miniature mixes. Good things really do come in small packages!

Accessories-glass-mixing-bowl-3.3L with lid mixing cake filling

Easy to measure, mix and pour

The handy quantity marks moulded into the side means measuring your ingredients into the bowl has never been so easy. Once you’ve put your stand mixer through its paces, the pour spout and comfortable handle means you can accurately and effortlessly transfer your mixture to the baking pan or tin, keeping mess to a minimum.

Accessories-glass-mixing-bowl-3.3L with lid bowl and lid

Silicone lid keeps your creations fresh

This KitchenAid mini glass bowl comes with a silicone lid designed to lock in freshness. Whether you’re beating an extra batch of batter, or proofing your dough to perfection, this lid helps keep your ingredients fresh and flavourful while you wait. 

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