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Powerful 2.0 Peak HP Motor with Intelli-Speed technology.

4 pre-set recipe programs with Pulse function, manual speed control and Soft Start feature.

Revolutionary Magnetic Drive with diamond pitcher design and stainless steel blades.


A specially designed diamond-shaped pitcher and magnetised motor lets you whip up sumptuous shakes, sauces, smoothies and more. Work hands-free for delicious fuss-free results. Our new Classic ‘Magnetic Drive’ Blender is driven by magnetised turbo power to handle even the most challenging foods, from ice to hard fruits and vegetables. Four pre-set programmes automatically detect ingredients, adapting the speed and power accordingly, thanks to our ‘IntelliSpeed’ technology. Groundbreaking innovation is seen in new engineering: strong magnets in the base of the appliance drive the blender blades, combining speed and power. Read more... It is this that ensures that tough ingredients are finely ground, and fruits and vegetables are whipped into a smooth consistency. The turbo power is complemented by a specially designed, 1. 75 litre jar. The unique shape funnels ingredients to the blades, creating a powerful vortex for thorough blending. Ingredients are captured by the rotor, so there’s no need for a tamper or scraping down the sides!In fact, with its blissfully easy operating system, you can fill the pitcher, select the programme and walk away. Choose four different pre-set programmes: Juice, Soups/Sauces, Milkshakes, Icy drinks/Smoothies, knowing that each function automatically shuts off when complete. Two further options, Pulse and Variable Speed, let you precisely control other blended ingredients. Even when standing still this appliance still stands out! We’ve designed KitchenAid’s renowned good looks into a compact form, perfect on or under the counter. Close


General Specifications

Commercial code 5KSB5075BWH
Recipe book no

Technical Specifications

Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Current (A) Not available
Max. rotation speed (rpm) 20000
Min. rotation speed (rpm) 700
Height of the product 410
Width of the product 190
Depth of the product 330
Height of the packed product 490
Width of the packed product 410
Depth of the packed product 255
Gross weight (kg) 11.6
Net weight (kg) 10


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Manuals and literature

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