What can I make with a stand mixer?

If you’re thinking about buying a KitchenAid stand mixer, you’ll be bursting with questions. What to make, how to use a stand mixer, which accessories or attachments you need… we’ll answer them here and help you to decide on the perfect mixer for you.

Get excited by the possibilities

Wondering what you can make with a mixer? The answer is pretty much anything. An electric stand mixer is so versatile, you’ll wonder how you managed without one. The truth is, it’s difficult – and frankly exhausting – to get the same results with manual kitchen tools.

Whether you're making cookies, lasagne, fluffy meringue or bread, the food mixer is your ally. In case you were thinking that it’s only useful for home baking, we’re happy to say that’s not the case at all. You’ll be amazed what a stand mixer can do, especially when you start exploring the exciting optional attachments. Even with the included accessories – paddle, dough hook and whisk – your mixer will take you way beyond cakes, to mashing potato or kneading dough to pulling pork and mixing up meatloaf. Let’s have a look...

How to use a KitchenAid stand mixer

All our stand mixers come with (at least) the three most important parts, essential for getting to work straight away with the mixer. Armed with a wire whisk, dough hook and paddle, you’re ready to take on all kinds of creative menus at home. 

•  Paddle (or flat beater) for heavy mixing

If you’re not sure which beater to use, reach for the paddle - sometimes called a flat beater. Unless you’re kneading dough, the paddle works for pretty much any mixture. Ideal for batters for cakes and cookies, you can use it to fold in, mix and mash, beat or cream. It’s also brilliant for meatball mixtures and for swift and hands-free shredding of slow-cooked meats like chicken or beef.

Recipe ideas to inspire you: • Classic oatmeal cookiesPulled chicken tacos with guacamoleHomemade blueberry sconesMarble cake 


•  Whisk for lighter than air results 

The wire whisk is for incorporating air. Made with stainless steel wires, a whisk makes light work of recipes where airy mixes are essential. From fluffy genoise sponge with whipped cream topping, to savoury dips such as tahini or alioli. It’s ideal for whipping up frostings: American buttercream, Swiss meringue and cream cheese buttercreams for heavenly homemade cakes. 

Recipe ideas to inspire you:Eton messSouffle with herbs and spinachEasy chocolate mousse • Meringue and buttercream light frosting

•  Dough hook for mixing and kneading

Homemade bread tastes (and smells) amazing, but getting the dough and the kneading right can be tricky, not to mention laborious. Save time – and your arms – by letting the stand mixer take over. A dough hook mimics kneading by hand, plus there’s no risk of your powerful mixer overheating from working a heavy dough — from sourdough and brioche, to pizza and pasta dough.

Recipe ideas to inspire you:Spaghetti with cherry tomato and fresh marinated tuna  • Bagels  • Perfect pizza doughRicotta and sage gratinated pasta rolls

•  Flex edge beater for sticky mixing

This handy beater comes with the Mixer tilt-head 4.8L - Artisan with extra accessories and is also available as an optional accessory. It’s a paddle with one side made of silicon to simultaneously mix and scrape the bowl. Very helpful if you’re working with sticky ingredients like honey or syrup, it means you don’t have to stop to use a spatula. 

Flex edge beater

•  Pastry beater for perfect pastries

pastry beater

It may look simple on paper, but pastry can be devilishly difficult to get right. This clever paddle is the answer to your pastry prayers. The horizontal blades on our pastry beater make sure that the butter is cut into the flour evenly and without overheating or over-mixing. Ideal for rustling up pies, biscuits or scones, as well as mashing and shredding.

Expand your repertoire with optional stand mixer attachments

If you’re impressed by the many uses of the KitchenAid mixer, wait until you see the exciting attachments you can add. Pop on an attachment to transform your food mixer into a pasta roller, a spiralizer, juicer, sausage stuffer and more. The list of stand mixer uses goes on and on, so you can go wherever your food mood takes you.

•  Pasta and grains: easy peasy

There’s something hugely satisfying about making pasta. It’s surprisingly easy to make the dough in your stand mixer with the dough hook. Then just take your pick of pasta shapes.

Spaghetti and linguine work best with light seafood sauces, or olive oil- or tomato-based sauces, which coat each strand evenly. ‘Ribbon’ pasta shapes, like tagliatelle, or fettuccine, go beautifully with richer, meatier sauces. Whichever of these you fancy, our pasta cutters and roller set is the tool for the job. When you’ve made your pasta, it’s important to keep the strands separate after they’ve been cut – and hung to dry for around 15 minutes before cooking. Our pasta dryer  dries your pasta quickly and evenly, so it won’t stick together when you boil it. 

If you thought twist or tube pasta shapes are too tricky to make at home, think again. Our pasta press pops out 6 different pasta shapes, including fusilli, which is perfect for pesto or creamy sauces. Or try rigatoni and macaroni tubes, delicious in hearty pasta bakes or served with thick, vegetable sauces.

•  Fruit and vegetables: get fresh

More and more people are cutting their meat intake, or giving it up altogether for a plant-based diet. But are fruits and veggies boring you? We can help. There are multiple ways you can cook and serve them to mix things up a bit. 

Spiralizing is a great way to liven up meals, cut down on carbs, and have a bit of fun too. With our  spiralizer  you can rustle up sweet potato noodles, zucchini spaghetti, or nutritious raw twirly salads. But that’s not all – our spiralizer cores, slices and peels too. It prepares and slices up apples for pies, and you can make your own veggie or fruit crisps.

Another way to bring more greens into your diet, is to use our unique vegetable sheet cutter, replacing pasta or wraps with thin sheets of cucumber or tasty zucchini. Or make cauliflower rice, carrots for stir fry, or cabbage for coleslaw using the vegetable slicer and shredder attachment. Add the food processor attachment to your stand mixer and you can cube, dice, slice, julienne or shred. Still think fruits and veggies are boring?

•  Meat and fish: grind it up

We’ve already mentioned how you can use your stand mixer’s paddle beater for some delicious meat-based dishes, but we have a few other mixer attachments up our sleeve too. Love burgers? No longer just for fast food restaurants or BBQs, they’ve been elevated to gourmet status over the past few years. And homemade is definitely best. 

Our meat grinder attachment means you can make fresh, good quality burgers, knowing exactly what’s in them. Quickly mince, grate and grind any combination of ingredients – meat, fish or veggies with this handy tool. The meat grinder and sausage stuffer  is double the fun – add your own favourite recipe twists to truly make them your own.

•  Cakes and bread: top notch bakes

If you love to bake and are ready to take it to the next level, we have lots of attachments for your stand mixer that will help give even the newest bakers that professional edge.

You can make your own flavourful flour with our grain mill and experiment with bakes using different kinds of grains, such as oats, rice, corn, barley or buckwheat. And, because accuracy is everything when you’re baking, our sifter and scale attachment takes the pressure off, gradually adding digitally weighed, sifted ingredients into your bowl, as you’re mixing.
Fancy trying your hand at homemade bread? Take a look at the convenient bread bowl with baking lid, which allows you to mix, knead, proof and bake, all in one. Delicious, freshly baked bread couldn’t be simpler.

•  Sweets and treats: homemade delights

We all need a little sweetness in our lives and, if you make something yourself from scratch, you control exactly what goes in. Take ice cream or frozen treats, for example. If you make your own, it tastes fresher and is preservative-free. Throw whatever ingredients you fancy into our ice cream maker attachment and let your mixer do the work.  

We’ve even made jam making easier. Our slow juicer (sometimes called a masticating juicer) uses slow extraction technology, preserving all the nutrients of the fruit and vegetables. As well as jam, you can rustle up tasty sauces, real homemade fruit purées and juices. 

And, while we’re on the subject of juice, when it’s fresh from the fruit, it’s a vitamin-packed treat, full of natural sweetness. Make yours at home, with the citrus juicer attachment which turns and sieves while you simply hold the fruit still. 

•  Plus… many other attachment for your adventures 

Still wondering what else you can make with a stand mixer? There are lots of high quality tools that plug into the attachment hub of any KitchenAid food mixer. 

Explore mixer attachments >

Which stand mixer should I buy?

What's the difference between a tilt-head and a bowl-lift mixer?

You may be wondering: tilt-head vs. bowl-lift style — which type of stand mixer is right for me? It’s a matter of personal preference and depends on how you work. With a tilt-head, the bowl is turned clockwise into place and stays put. You then use a switch to tilt the head back and easily access the contents or change accessories (whisk, beater, dough hook). It has the iconic silhouette, and is more compact than a bowl-lift mixer.

With a bowl-lift, the head stays solidly in place. The bowl is pinned into position on the arms, and you then lower and raise it to access the contents. Heavy and sturdy, bowl-lift stand mixer models come in larger capacities, have greater horsepower and are often the choice of serious or professional makers.

Go further and personalise your stand mixer

It’s fun to express your style. That’s why we bring you lots of ways to make a stand mixer your own. Our Mixer tilt-head 4.8L Artisan Premium or Mixer tilt-head Artisan with extra accessories  come with the widest choice of colours. You can even have your name or a message engraved with our personalisation option.

Colour is part of our DNA. We always knew that appliances could be both practical and beautiful. The KitchenAid ‘Model K’, launched in 1937, was designed by famed industrial artist and style guru Egmont Arens, with a streamlined silhouette that has barely changed since. And the iconic status of our mixers was truly established in the 1950s, when we were the first brand to make them in tempting colours.

Fast forward to now and our colours range from Dried Rose, Majestic Yellow, Pistachio, Honey or Fog Blue, to classic Empire Red or Onyx Black. Not to mention our much-anticipated Colour of the Year, and limited editions, which bring you the hottest trends and style vibes.

Like to coordinate your kitchen style?

You don’t have to stop at a stand mixer. We have blenders, toasters and kettles, as well as offers on matching sets in a range of delicious colours and designs, that all complement each other. Perfect if you’re thinking of a total kitchen redesign, or just want to liven things up.

Pick a mixing bowl to suit you

Is a bowl just a bowl? Of course not. KitchenAid bowls are not just beautiful to look at, they’re practical too. As well as the bowl that your mixer comes with, you can treat yourself to another one to express your personality, or to help you follow recipe steps without losing your flow.

•  Ceramic - ready for anything

Made out of Vitrified Ceramic and titanium reinforced, these bowls are tougher than other ceramic bowls, but light too, so nice and easy to work with. 

Perfect for any job, they’re safe to put in the oven, freezer and microwave, so you can melt ingredients, use the same bowl for mixing, and even pop in the oven to bake. And, as they’re dishwasher-safe, clearing up is easy. We have a huge range of colours, designs and finishes, from stripes to mermaid lace or poppy. 

•  Stainless steel - the professional choice

Step into any professional kitchen and you’ll be surrounded by stainless steel accessories and equipment. Why? Stainless steel is light, durable and non-reactive, so no rust, chips, corrosion, harmful chemicals or metallic flavours tainting your food. It’s easy to clean, either in the dishwasher, or in hot sudsy water.

Stainless steel bowls look fabulous too. As well as being sleek and chic, there are various handles, textures and polishes such as quilted or copper. 

•  Glass - an elegant classic

You can’t go wrong with a classic glass mixing bowl and KitchenAid glass bowls double up as a measuring jug too, with quantity marks and a spout, so you can measure directly into the bowl. They’re safe to put in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave and even come with a handy silicon lid so you can safely store your ingredients or mix until it’s ready to use. A clear winner for any contemporary kitchen.

•  Bread bowl - make and bake in one

We love dreaming up ways to make your life easier, and this handy bread bowl is a game changer for baking bread. You can mix, knead, proof and bake, all in one. 

The bowl fits on to your mixer for mixing and kneading. Leave the dough in the bowl to proof, then straight into the oven. The lid traps steam when baking just like a traditional steam oven, and the ceramic bowl retains and delivers even heat throughout the baking process, giving every loaf a golden, crispy crust and thorough bake. Delicious!

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