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Personal jar with easy-drink lid for travel and storing K150, K130 or K400 blends.

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Personal jar to blend and go

Take your tasty drinks with you with the KitchenAid 500 ml smoothie jar. Simply pour in your creation, then attach the easy-drink lid and pop it in your bag for a nutritious and delicious pick-me-up on the go.

Fits K400, K150 and K130 models (1)

500 ml durable BPA-free plastic jar

Easy-drink lid

Carry on the go


Let’s get this show on the road

Take your beautiful blends on an adventure with this KitchenAid personal blender jar (KSB2032PJA). Designed to pair with our K400, K150 and K130 blenders, this 500 ml lidded cup is ideal for single servings of whatever tasty creation you’ve come up with. No mess, no stress, just convenience.


Out and about with delicious drinks

Use your blender to whizz up nutritious smoothies packed with fibre, crushed ice and coffee, or a refreshing tomato gazpacho – and take them wherever you’re heading. This KitchenAid 500 ml blender jar makes the perfect travel-sized container for carrying your flavourful creations in your bag, so you can enjoy your recipes at home or away.


A handy travel companion

Keep your favourite blend in reach, no matter where you are. Made from BPA-free plastic, this KitchenAid 500 ml smoothie jar is ideal for carrying your homemade drinks in your bag. Designed for single servings, it’s a great way to transport your healthy smoothies, or freshly squeezed juices.


Flip the lid to take a sip

The easy-drink lid makes sipping while you travel easy. The lid attaches safely and securely to the KitchenAid blender cup, so you won’t need to worry about spills. And because it’s dishwasher safe, it’s easy to keep fresh and clean day after day.


Carry on the go

Take your blends with you in this KitchenAid personal blender jar. Whether you’re packing a peanut butter and banana for after the gym, a zingy OJ for the school run, or a tasty iced coffee for a stroll around town, you’ll stay refreshed and hydrated, anytime, anywhere.


No need for hand washing

Just like all the accessories for the K400, K150 and K130 blenders, this KitchenAid blender cup and lid are dishwasher safe. So while you’re preparing to hit the road, you won’t need to pause for washing up. When you get back, slip them in your dishwasher and they’ll be ready for whatever recipe you choose next.

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  1. Fits K400 (5KSB4026), K150 (5KSB1325) & K130 (5KSB1320) blenders