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Whisk, mix and knead with mixer parts

Whether you're making cookies, fluffy meringue or your first sourdough, the mixer is your ally. The paddle, whisk and dough hook come in different sizes and materials so the choice is yours.

Mixer parts


The best tools for the job

Stand mixer with wire whisk whipping cream

Wire whisk

For incorporating air into your mix. Perfect for whisking egg whites, whipping cream, or creaming ingredients for the lightest cake mixtures and batters.
Stand mixer with dough hook kneading dough

Dough hook

For easy mixing and kneading of all kinds of doughs. From bread and pizza to pasta dough.
Stand mixer with paddle attachment flat beater


Also called a flat beater – for combining your ingredients. Makes light work of even the heaviest mixtures such as cakes, frostings, cookies or mashed potatoes.

Creativity comes as standard

Our mixers come with 3 parts that are essential for seasoned makers. Armed with a wire whisk, dough hook and paddle, you’re ready to take on all kinds of inventive menus.

For marvellous meringues and super souffles

If you're looking for lighter-than-air results, then this is the whisk you need. Made with stainless steel wires, it helps you make quick work of recipes where airy mixes are essential. From fluffy genoise sponge with whipped cream topping, to savoury dips such as tahini or alioli.

Kale souffle

Making bread is a breeze

There’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of homemade bread. But getting the dough and the kneading right can be overwhelming, not to mention laborious. Save time – and your arms – by letting the mixer take over. A dough hook mimics kneading by hand – and there’s no risk of your mixer overheating from working a heavy dough. Just sit back and relax...

Homemade bread in bowl

Mix, mash, shred or stir

If in doubt, reach for the paddle. Unless you’re making a dough, the paddle (or flat beater) works for pretty much any mixture. Ideal for batters for cakes and cookies, you can also use it to mix and mash, beat or cream. Fancy pulled pork? It’s perfect for shredding slow-cooked meats too.

Mix mash stir

Get to know our mixer parts

Designed to be efficient and durable, our paddles, hooks and whisks come in various types. Find the one that’s best for you.

What is a flex-edge beater?

Do you love to lick the cake mix? So does our flex-edge beater. Like a paddle, but with one side made of flexible silicon, the flex-edge beater lets you mix and scrape the sides of the bowl at the same time, without stopping. Particularly helpful if you’re working with sticky ingredients like honey or syrup. It also helps get the last of that precious mixture out of the bowl when you’re done.

What is flex edge beater

Stainless steel superpowers

Go for a stainless steel mixer part if durability is your No.1. priority. Stainless steel is light, durable and non-reactive, which means no rust, chips, corrosion, harmful chemicals or metallic flavours tainting your food. It’s easy to clean too, either in the dishwasher, or in hot soapy water. Our dough hooks and paddles also come in aluminium with an anti-stick nylon coating for those who prefer a non-stick option.

Silver stand mixer with stainless steel dough hook

Why is a KitchenAid mixer so efficient?

  • Precise with 9-speed control 
  • Unique planetary action (paddle moves one way, drive shaft moves the other)
  • Spirals to 59 touchpoints around the bowl
  • Consistent, even mixing of ingredients
  • Direct drive motor delivers power where it’s needed
Why is KitchenAid mixer so efficient

Boost your creativity with KitchenAid accessories

All mixer accessories

All mixers accessories

Expand your repertoire by attaching anything from a pasta roller to a food processor or a beautiful new bowl.
Exciting mixer attachments

Exciting mixer attachments

Sweet, savoury ... trendy or traditional? Every dish is on the menu with a KitchenAid attachment. You can mince, dice, shred, roll, stuff and more!
Irresistible mixing bowls

Irresistible mixing bowls

When it comes to our bowls, the choice has become so much wider. Pick your favourite look, material and must-have elements like quantity level marks.
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