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Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBBV53BBM Matte black Frontal
Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBBV53BBM Matte black Kit
Matte black
Empire Red
Almond Cream
Charcoal grey


The cordless hand blender gives you the freedom to create with confidence.

€ 126.65€ 149.00
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Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBV83BER Empire Red Frontal
Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBV83BER Empire Red Kit
Empire Red
Matte black
Charcoal grey
Onyx Black
Almond Cream


Versatile hand blender with variable speeds and an included chopper and whisk.

€ 160.65€ 189.00
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Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBV53BOB Onyx Black Frontal
Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBV53BOB Onyx Black Kit
Onyx Black


Easy hand blender is an essential tool to crush, purée, froth and blend.

€ 101.15€ 119.00
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Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBC414BOB Onyx Black Frontal
Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBC414BOB Onyx Black Other


Chefs love this powerful hand blender with hands-free clamp and safety cord.

€ 509.15€ 599.00
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Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBBV83BCA Candy Apple Frontal
Kitchenaid Hand mixer 5KHBBV83BCA Candy Apple Kit


Cordless hand blender for power and freedom. Everything you expect without a cord.

€ 249.00
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Go cordless with your hand blender

Do you use your electric hand blender a lot? If you're always reaching for a hand held blender to purée veggies or whisk up milkshakes, you'll find it a whole lot easier without the wires to hold you back. Our KitchenAid Cordless hand blender gives you all the power you expect without the cord. Make up to 25 bowls of soup* without recharging. Thanks to its lightweight design and lack of power cord, you can move around freely and access the pot from any direction. Its removable pan guard avoids scratching your precious home cookware.


* Based on 12 ounce bowls (354 ml), 7 batches, Tomato Basil Soup.


Frothing and whisking: light as air

There's something irresistible about a frothy coffee - whether it's cold or hot. You can easily make fun and foamy frappés and cappuccinos at home with the help of a hand held blender. You can also achieve fantastic lightness in your eggs or cream by whipping with it too.

While the stainless steel blade head will incorporate air into your creations perfectly well, the Cordless hand blender with accessories even has a dedicated whisk option. Attach it to the blender handle to whip egg whites to fluffy peaks or perhaps emulsify a vinaigrette or mayonnaise. Results in moments.


What's the best hand blender?

Taking the concept of a hand blender to a whole new level, the Hand blender with accessories gives you a range of versatile attachments so you can crush, blend, chop and froth. This latest model is compact and comfortable to hold, with intuitive trigger control to adjust the speed settings as you work.

You can dip into your own jugs and pans or blend in the 1L BPA-free pitcher. Switch the 4-point stainless steel blade for the whisk attachment to transform into a hand whisk. Or, fit the arm to the chopper attachment to create a mini food processor for chopping herbs, nuts, garlic, onions and more. This handy extra means you won’t need a separate food chopper for little processing jobs.


Black or white? Monochrome is bang on trend

Don’t let anyone tell you colour isn’t important. We believe you should never have to sacrifice beauty for practicality. You can have both. That’s why we carefully design products that you’re happy to keep on show, rather than hidden in a cupboard. Will you choose the timeless style classics of black or white, or make a statement with rich red? Whatever you choose, you can guarantee it will look good on your worktop at home and deliver the goods when it comes to blitzing through the toughest foods.

What do you use a hand blender for?


Salad dressings

There are all sorts of ingredients to try in a vinaigrette.



Create homemade dips such as hummus, mayo, aioli or salsa.


Whipped cream

Beautifully whipped in a matter of minutes.


Pancake batter

No more lumps! Light batter for deliciously fluffy pancakes.


Beaten eggs

Blend yolk and white for speedy scrambled eggs or omelettes.


Sauces, stews, or soups

There’s less washing up if you blend in the pan.


Shakes and smoothies

Create your own smoothie bar in the kitchen.

What do you call your hand blender?

Some say hand blender, some say immersion blender - while others call it a stick blender. But we’re all talking about the same product; all those names fit this useful little tool. You can control it easily with one hand, you immerse it in your ingredients, and it has a stick-shaped blending arm. Whatever you call it, everyone who has one would agree they wouldn’t be without their beloved hand blender.


Hand blender for weaning babies

When it's time to help your little one start exploring different tastes and textures, it’s important that the food you serve is velvety soft. Of course, it should also be nutritious and 100% natural, without any additives, flavours or preservatives. A hand blender is your secret weapon for routinely creating baby food at home, making the whole process quick and easy. From old favourites like bananas and milk, to potatoes with apple or combinations that sneak in a few greens, you can create the taste that wins those cute smiles. 



Get tough with a pro hand blender

If you're in a professional kitchen, you'll need a heroic hand blender to give you constant power, safety and durability. Our Hand blender - Professional model looks like a serious power tool, and it's just as strong as it looks. With 1 HP motor at your fingertips, you can handle anything. Switch seamlessly between a top speed of 18,000 RPM for purées, whipping and emulsifying and 9,000 RPM low speed to blend and stir. When you're under pressure, there's a hands-free bowl clamp so the hand blender will continue while you multitask! You’ll whiz through that To Do list.


Safety first in professional kitchens

Busy working kitchens can be hectic places. When it comes to your choice of professional electrical appliances, you need to anticipate the risks to keep the team safe. Our professional hand blender is designed to be safe and practical, with an orange safety cord for high visibility and to promote awareness. The cord is 3.65m long for ease of movement and has a cord wrap feature so that you can store it neatly without causing any catches, spills or trips.

Easy cleaning of your hand blender

Are you wondering how best to use a hand blender without making a mess? Or how to wash a hand blender? The KitchenAid models are designed to be as mess-free as possible. There’s less clearing up if you measure, create and even store your blends in a single container. That’s why we add quantity marks to the high-sided blending jars, and also give you a handy lid.

You can also insert the blending stick into your own jugs and pans, with a removable pan guard which clips on the bottom to avoid scratching your cookware. Keep the blade fully immersed in the ingredients when you start, to avoid spattering. You’ll need to tip to the side slightly to create a whirlpool motion if you’d like to incorporate air into the mixture. For easy cleaning, the removable arms are dishwasher safe, so you can pop them in the top rack along with the jars. 


Select your speed … and go

With a choice of speed settings, KitchenAid hand blenders for the home give you precision as well as power. You’re in control as you start slowly, stir a sauce, ramp it up to shred meat or choose a fast whip to whisk cream. Even if you opt for our essential Hand blender - Classic model, you’ll have variable speeds to control the final texture of your soups, smoothies, dips and sauces. With a squeezable trigger for easy one-handed operation, you’ll find any electric hand blender in the range an intuitive and helpful creative tool. 


Hand blender for soup

A fantastic way to pack your diet with goodness, hearty soups should always be on the menu. Boil up your favourite beans and veggies like broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, onions, celery, chicken, noodles ... add seasoning, garlic, herbs, spices, ginger ... perhaps a dash of cream? A homemade soup looks perfect when served with a sprinkling of fresh herbs or grated Parmesan.

If you tend to stick to the same soup, get creative and invent a new soup recipe that becomes a true ‘house special’ - whether it’s a refreshing broth, or a satisfying thick consistency. With a helpful and powerful tool like our cordless hand blender at your fingertips, you can pop on the pan guard and whizz those ingredients until they're smooth. Add soup ingredients to your next food shopping list...


Chop, froth, whisk and more...

One of the most versatile products to buy for your kitchen, a hand blender is a multi-talented champion. Among its many uses are chopping, frothing, crushing, mixing, blending and whisking. Grab it to help you create all day long, from a wake-up milkshake to a chunky soup, spicy salsa, evening hot chocolate and everything in between. It can be used to break down ingredients, to combine and stir, or to quickly incorporate lots of air into recipes that should be fluffy or frothy.


Tip: Don’t blend mashed potatoes

If you’re a fan of creamy mash (who isn’t?), it can be tempting to use a hand blender to save the time and effort of all that mashing. However, the fast-moving sharp stainless steel blades rip apart the starch molecules and make the potatoes all sticky and gummy. If you have ever done it, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The best way to achieve delicious mashed potato is either by hand, or pop them in your stand mixer to mash more gently with the paddle (flat beater). 

Looking for some foodie inspiration?