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Toaster made for you

Whether it's bagels for breakfast or toasties for tea, it's time to make your life easier with an upgraded toaster.
Designed with generous slots, smart sensors and helpful functions, the latest toasters give you a helping hand in the kitchen.

Toasters of all sizes and styles

Love a modern or a timeless look? Prefer raisin buns or toasties. Whatever your taste, we have the hottest options.

The right shade for you

Choose from a range of shades - from just browned to heartily grilled. Whether your toaster has a dial like the 2 slice toaster or a lever like 2 slice toaster - Artisan, it's easy to control.

Bagels and warming

There's bagel mode to toast the cut side of your bagels while gently warming the outside. A clever 'keep warm' functionality on some toasters means that your toast won't go cold when it's ready.

Heat pastries and toasties

Defrost breads and pastries straight from the freezer and if you choose a toaster with a sandwich rack (or buy it as an optional accessory), you can make a neat croque-monsieur!

Toasters for artisan bread fans

Are you obsessed with artisan and homemade breads? If you can't resist handcrafted breads filled with ingredients like sundried tomatoes, herbs, figs, seeds, cinnamon or olives, then you'll welcome a contemporary toaster. All our KitchenAid toasters have generous and flexible slots - some longer and some extra wide.

Black toaster long slot 2 slice - Design

Toasters ideal for home baking

Made especially to accommodate those hearth-baked treats, the slots on KitchenAid toasters allow you to toast different shapes and sizes.

Red toaster long slot 4 slice - Design toasting bread

Sandwich rack for toasties

There's nothing like a soft, crunchy toastie to warm you up in the morning, or a comforting croque-monsieur at lunch. Whether you swear by a dollop of English mustard, a few slices of gherkin or a sprinkle of thyme, it helps to have a sandwich rack with your toaster.

Our 2-slice toaster Artisan and 4-slice toaster Artisan include this handy piece of kit, so you can enjoy your best-loved fillings in a toasted sandwich. The hinged design opens flat to make it easy to insert and remove sandwiches and it clamps into place.

Grey toaster 4 slice - Artisan with sandwich rack

Toasters to suit your style

Bold or minimal, colourful or black, a toaster can reflect your style in home interiors, or match other appliances like your stand mixer or kettle. KitchenAid toasters have timeless appeal, with clean lines, curvy silhouettes and chrome accents.

The die-cast metal construction means that they're durable as well as stylish - tough enough for years of morning munching and night-time snacking. Choosing a compact 2-slice toaster or a 4-slice toaster depends on the size and space you have available.

Red toaster long slot 4 slice - Design with red kettle and vegetable toasts

What is the keep warm function?

Life's busy and it's easy to push your bread into the toaster and then wander off and forget about it. You can choose a toaster with an ingenious 'keep warm' function like the 2-slice toaster Artisan, which uses a sensor to automatically lower the toast if you forget to take it out. It can keep your toasted slices warm for up to 3 minutes! If you miss that, there's still a reheat button.

Red toast 2 slice - Artisan with raspberry toasts

Life is sweet with a toaster

Don't forget that there are lots of sweet options to heat up in your toaster. From waffles to banana bread or tea cakes, they'll taste great and fill your home with warm, sweet and spicy aromas. What about making some fennel loaf? Serve it with cheese and everyone will go 'mmmm'.

Red toaster long slot 2 slice - Design with toasts

What are the best bagel toppings?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese has to be the number one topping for a toasted bagel. There are plenty of other nutrient-loaded toppings you can experiment with. Here are some great ideas to try ... and remember to take advantage of bagel mode on your toaster.

  • Avocado & poached egg
  • Sundried tomato paste with capers
  • Soft cheese and dried cranberries
  • Nut butter and blackberry jam
  • Hummus and grated carrots
  • Baked tofu and hot satay sauce


Bagels with salad

Independent slots for big families

If people buzz around wanting toast at different times, that's fine. Independent pairs of slots on the 4-slice toaster Artisan means you can push down another slice whenever you like.

Red toaster 4 slice - Artisan
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