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Hand mixers help you again and again

Want the power of a mixer for quick, little jobs? Reach for a hand mixer from KitchenAid. These versatile tools pack in all the design excellence, know-how and quality of the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer. They're handy for jobs like whisking up a lemon vinaigrette or even kneading heavy dough to make it nice and elastic.

More than an electric whisk: the 9 speed hand mixer

Precise control with variable speeds

Busy cooks love the flexibility of a hand mixer. You can mix anything with our 9 speed hand mixer, which gives precise control and a soft start to avoid “batter splatter” and a messy apron! Choose the speed you need - from slowly stirring chunky ingredients to quickly beating eggs.

Accessories to create anything

Depending on what you’re making, you can switch between the stainless steel Artisan beaters, mixing rod, 16-wire whisk and dough hooks. That means frothy smoothies and delicious sauces, breads, cookies, cakes, milkshakes, puddings, whipped cream and eggs are all easy to achieve. Just press the eject button for quick one-handed release.

Little touches make life easier

Designed with passionate makers in mind, the 9 speed hand mixer has a lockable swivel cord, so that you can move around and approach the ingredients from any angle. There’s a soft-grip handle to give you a comfortable hold, and an LED indicator to show which speed you’ve selected. The powerful DC motor gets to work quietly and efficiently, delivering just enough power for every task. The best thing? It all packs away in the included cotton storage bag so you won’t lose any parts. Neat. If only everything in life was this helpful.

Red hand mixer beating egg whites for lemon meringue pie

Make more with the 5 speed hand mixer

The 5 speed hand mixer is also efficient and sturdy, while being lightweight enough to use without your arm aching. You can rely on the powerful DC motor to get you speedy results. There are stainless steel beaters for doughs and batters and a wire whisk which is ideal for aerating cream, eggs, sauces and puddings. Make anything from tiramisu to fruit cake, meringue or blueberry pancakes with your electric whisk. Both accessories can be popped in the dishwasher when you’ve finished and the 5 speed hand mixer itself wipes clean.

Black hand mixer making chocolate bites

Hand mixer is a little space saver

Think of an electric hand mixer as the little brother of the KitchenAid stand mixer. These small format mixers always do the trick, whether you’re working on a weekday dish or an adventurous creation for a dinner party. A great alternative to a stand mixer, they tick the box if you’re short of space or like to put away your appliances when you’ve finished.

Red hand mixer

Pick a colour that’s so ‘you’

Which colour will match your kitchen or your personality? For the 9 speed hand mixer, there’s the ever-stylish Onyx Black, timeless Almond Cream, Contour Silver, Empire Red or Velvet Blue with its vintage vibes. The 5 speed hand mixer comes in either White or Onyx Black. Take your pick!

Cream hand mixer and purple cupcake

Which speed to choose for your hand mixer

Speed 1: Slow stirring, combining and starting all mixing procedures.
Speed 2: Mix flour and other dry ingredients with liquids or other moist mixtures.
Speed 3: Mix runny batters.
Speed 4: Combine heavy mixtures.
Speed 5: Mix thick dough.
Speed 6: Blend butter and sugar. Mix frostings.
Speed 7: Finish mixing cake and other batters.
Speed 8: Whipped cream and mousse mixtures. Mix liquid preparations.
Speed 9: Beat egg white and meringue mixtures. Mix liquid preparations.

Vanilla ice cream with peanuts and coconut
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