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Mixer accessories to boost your creativity

Your mixer is ready to take you on any culinary adventure. Expand your repertoire by attaching anything from a pasta roller to a food processor or a beautiful new bowl.

Exciting mixer attachments

Sweet, savoury ... trendy or traditional? Every dish is on the menu with a KitchenAid attachment. You can mince, dice, shred, roll, stuff and more!

Irresistible mixing bowls

When it comes to our bowls, the choice has become so much wider. Pick your favourite look, material and must-have elements like quantity level marks.

Replacement mixer parts

Switch between the whisk, paddle ('flat beater') or dough hook on the mixer. All are available with variations such as non-stick coating.


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Explore your culinary possibilities by attaching anything, whether your are a pasta lover or like to make healthy juices and veggies.
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Taste sensations from morning till night

Homemade sausages pancakes fruit breakfast

Big breakfasts

Start with crepes, whisked to a froth in the mixer. You may prefer homemade sausages, ground and stuffed with our grinder attachment. Top it all off with seasonal jam on toast.
Pasta carbonara lunch

Light lunches

Pasta is full of flavour when you’ve lovingly made it yourself, pressed and cut with our attachment set. Or, invent a coleslaw recipe or salsa with the food processor for mixers.
Mashed potato dinner made with paddle attachment

Delicious dinners

Tuck into mashed potato with horseradish, served with shredded meat — all prepared in the mixer. What about a sumptuous pizza, with homemade dough and sliced veggies?

Liven up your routine

Is it time to add something new to your repertoire? Go on … adventure awaits.

Variety is the spice of life

While we all have our old favourites and family recipes, it’s fun to try something new. Step outside of your routine and treat yourself to a new attachment. You can explore techniques such as juicing, straining, milling or grinding.

If you’ve never made pasta, then take a look at our pasta makers which deliver professional results. If you’ve never used our food grinders, you’ll be surprised by how much you can do with processed nuts, meat, fish, herbs, spices, hard cheeses or even dry bread. Unleash your wildest recipe ideas.

Meat pie made with pasta roller and cutter set and meat grinder

Healthy, homemade meals just got easier

Sometimes you want speed and convenience, but other times you want to prepare dishes from scratch, safe in the knowledge that you know what’s in them. What if you could have both — all the benefits of a homemade meal, but quicker?

With our Meat grinder and sausage stuffer, you can master wholesome foods like burgers, salsas or falafel. Adapt them to suit your diet and spice them up by getting creative. Try the Vegetable slicer and shredder to cut your prep time and the Grain mill for tasty flour. If there’s something you fancy, we probably have the tool. Browse our attachments for ideas.

Grain for homemade flour

Discover your own style of making

With all our attachments, parts and bowls, you can see what feels natural for you as a cook, baker and maker. Be unique.

Why have a spare bowl?

With gorgeous designs in metal, ceramic or glass, it’s hard to choose. Why not pick an extra bowl? Some people prefer it so that they can continue through a recipe without losing their flow. You won’t have to stop to wash up or switch between recipe steps.

Stand mixer with ceramic mixing bowl with poppy design

Making beyond baking

Your mixer is the ideal way to create delicious cakes and biscuits. But, there’s plenty more you can do with the three included mixer accessories (paddle, whisk and dough hook) too. Next time you’re making pancakes, whisk the batter in the mixer. Or, throw in cooked chicken to shred it in seconds. Don’t leave that dough hook in the cupboard; it’s an ingenious way to mix and knead bread, pasta or pizza dough in less time. 

Mixer with paddle attachment shredding cooked chicken
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