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Meat grinders for delicious dishes

Love making wholesome food? Get right back to basics and transform ingredients with a meat grinder. These sturdy attachments for your stand mixer (sold separately) grind meats, veggies, breadcrumbs and more for fresh, creative recipes.


Extra strong metal meat grinder

You can get a quality grind in less time with the meat grinder ans sausage stuffer. This is designed primarily as a meat grinder and so chicken, turkey, pork and beef can all be ground down quickly and cleanly. This sturdy and durable grinder also makes light work of fish, breadcrumbs, spices and herbs for sausages and pub-style burgers. Become an expert in grinding veg and fruits for salsas, meatless burgers and other dishes.


How to use the metal meat grinder

You can control the results with your choice of stainless steel grinding plate:

  • Fine: cooked meats, for spreads, hard cheeses, bread crumbs

  • Medium: raw or cooked meats and meats for sausages

  • Coarse: raw meats for burgers and chilli or veggies for salsas and sauces

Once you've attached the plate, select Speed 4 on the mixer to start and push ingredients in with the tamper.


Tip for a clean grind

Prep and mix everything ahead of time and make sure your ingredients are well chilled. The cold temperature helps you achieve a clean grind. You can put all your ingredients in the freezer for 10 minutes or the metal meat grinder itself in the fridge or freezer before you start.


How to choose your meat grinder

Kitchenaid Food processor 5KSMMGA Profile

Meat grinder attachment and sausage stuffer extension set for all mixers.

€ 152.10€ 169.00
  • Grinder
  • Made of aluminium with stainless steel blade and grinding plates

  • What you can do
  • Grind meats, hard cheeses and vegetables to make burgers, sausages, meatloaf, beef tartar, tuna tartar, ravioli or dumpling filling. Also meatless burgers, salsas and chutneys, spreads, cauliflower rice and baby food.

  • What's in the box?
  • 3 grinding plates - Coarse, medium, fine ; 2 sausage stuffer tubes ; larger food tray ; cleaning brush ; food pusher ; included storage case

  • Before use
  • Can be pre-chilled in the fridge or freezer to give a clean grind when preparing meats.

  • How to clean
  • Not dishwasher safe - wash by hand.

  • Compatible with

Expand the possibilities of the meat grinder

Follow your passions and do even more with your classic meat grinder, with other attachments which are sold separately. The fruit and vegetable strainer allows you to go on to make jams, sauces and compotes, the sausage stuffer kit means you can push delicious ground ingredients into sausages and the larger food tray makes it easier to do bigger batches.


Guide to the meat grinder

How to use your mincer machine attachment with its 2 grinding plates.

  • Fine grinding plate - 4.5mm - Cooked meats for spreads, hard cheeses, bread crumbs

  • Coarse grinding plate - 6mm - Raw meats for burgers and chili, vegetables for salsas and sauces

Once you've attached the grinder with its plate, select Speed 4 on your stand mixer to start.


Team it with the sausage stuffer

Make sausages from scratch so that you know exactly what's in them. From beef to chicken or fish, you can combine yours with herbs, spices, garlic or unusual ingredients like caramelised onions or peas.

The sausage stuffer tubes are included with the metal meat grinder or purchased separately for the standard meat grinder. You can make either small or large sizes.


Team it with the food strainer

If you love smooth and juicy dishes, then discover the joy of straining. You can use your meat grinder in combination with the food strainer (sold separately) to process soft fruits and cooked vegetables at home. Create delicious jams, purees and sauces of any consistency. Why not start with apple sauce or tomato juice?

Cauliflower rice salad

Meat-free grinding ideas

Of course a food grinder isn’t just a meat grinder. Pescatarians can create herby fish cakes, tuna ravioli or salmon burgers. Vegetarians and vegans can get lots of use from this handy attachment when making plant-based dishes from scratch.

Experiment with your own Mexican bean burgers, falafels or salsas and spreads. Cauliflower rice is a wonderful low-carb, high-fibre alternative to rice that you can make by grinding cauliflower and then.


Ideas for what to make with your food grinder

  • Salsa

  • Burgers

  • Sausages

  • Falafel

  • Spreads

  • Fish cakes

  • Chili

  • Pastes

  • Baby food

  • Ravioli filling


Why choose a meat grinder?

Unlike a food processor, you’ll get a satisfyingly consistent result with a meat grinder. As all the ingredients are pushed through the grinding plate holes, it means absolutely everything comes out evenly. If you put in a mixture of beef, mushrooms, garlic and herbs, for example, then it will all be neatly processed and ready for your burger, pie or patty. Voila.