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Food processor makes it easy

If you're always in a rush, you need a helping hand.
Food processors will cut your prep time dramatically and even help you make complete dishes from start to finish. A pleasure to use, you'll switch on the food processor more and more as you get to know it and enjoy experimenting.

Have a think about your needs
and lifestyle

Will you use it every day? What do you normally cook? Is it for whizzing up onions and garlic or much more?

Chop, mix and purée

You can chop, mix and purée with a model like the 1.19 L food chopper. Ideal for saving time.

Get more creative

Release your inner chef with an advanced model like the 2.1 L food processor which also slices and kneads.

Quick dicing and fries

You can even dice and make fast french fries with the Artisan 4 L food processor.

Food processors


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