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Almond Cream
€ 458,15 € 539,00
€ 458,15 € 539,00
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5KFP1644BAC - 859720315000
Almond Cream

Serious food processor to dice, french cut, shave, whisk, press and more.

€ 458,15 € 539,00
Incl. VAT
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What's in the box?

Mini-bowl capacity: 1 L

The mini bowl is for when you're working with smaller quantities. Stacks neatly inside the larger bowls. BPA-free.

Prep Bowl capacity: 2.4 L

Measure and prepare your ingredients in this handy bowl. Stacks neatly inside the work bowl. BPA-free.

Work Bowl capacity: 4 L

This work bowl is perfect for large jobs. It's sturdy and durable and has a comfort design handle. The prep bowl and mini bowl stack neatly inside. BPA-free.

3-piece food pusher/feed tube

The 3-in-1 ultrawide mouth feed tube handles all sizes of ingredients for both horizontal and vertical slicing.

Adjustable slicing disc

The adjustable slicing disc allows you to adjust slicing thickness from thin to thick, without having to remove the blade assembly, by using the external lever.

Dicing kit

The kit includes a slicing disc, an 8mm dicing grid, a lid and a cleaning tool for perfect cubes of fresh vegetables, fruits and cheeses for salads, brunoise, or ratatouille.

Reversible shredding disc

This reversible disc is perfect for fine or coarse shredding, from potatoes, soft vegetables or cabbage, to cheese, chocolate, hard fruits and hard vegetables.

Parmesan/ice shaving disc

A disc for shaving hard cheeses for a perfect finish to your dish, or ice for drinks and desserts.

French fry cutting disc

A cutting disc for making perfect French fries or to cut strips from firm fruits and vegetables.

Citrus press

Easily extract juice from fresh citrus fruits.

Multipurpose blade

For use in the 4L work bowl, this multipurpose blade chops, minces, blends, mixes and emulsifies. Made of stainless steel.

Mini multipurpose blade

The mini blade is for the 1L mini bowl and is perfect for small chopping and mixing jobs. Made of stainless steel.

Dough blade

The dough blade is used for quick and thorough kneading of yeast doughs, such as bread, pizza dough and pasta dough.

Egg whisk

For quickly whisking egg whites – perfect for when you're making meringues, soufflés or macarons.

Spatula cleaning tool

Spatula for scraping the sides of the bowls or removing ingredients and mixtures from parts.

Accessory storage case

A handy case to neatly and safely store all your food processer accessories.


The all-in-one food processor:

Perhaps you’ve never had a food processor, but love cooking and want to open up new possibilities. Or, you may already use a basic food pro at home and want a shiny upgrade. It’s worth finding one that ticks every box:

Easy and powerful

Ready to help with any kind of prep or processing task on your to-do list. From shaving chocolate right through to kneading dough or slicing potatoes.

Enjoy it for many years to come

You’ll want it to be heavy, strong and sturdy enough to cope with anything, so you can reach for it every day.

Oh, and it’s beautiful too

Our Artisan 4L food processor is one of our best food processors and it does all this and more.

Exactslice System for food processor precision

Depending on what you’re making - from a delicate salad to beet chips for the children - you’ll want to select your thickness. Our adjustable slicing disc has a unique external lever, so you can easily switch from wafer-thin to 5mm thick. Simply push the food into the 3-in-1 ultra wide mouth feed tube. 

Just imagine: you can quickly process a whole potato with the entire large tube, slice a cucumber with the medium tube and cut tiny carrots through the small tube. It’s super satisfying.

Your all-in-one food processor

Versatility is the key. You have a 4L work bowl, a 2.4L prep bowl and a 1L mini-bowl, all included with this multi food processor. 

The 3 conveniently-sized bowls allow you to work with lots of ingredients to process food uninterrupted. Simply stack them inside one another to store them away. Then, there are blades and discs for absolutely any kind of food processing - from mixing, kneading and whipping to slicing, shredding and dicing. 

There’s even a citrus press included for all those delicious recipes that call for the wonderful zing of lemon, orange or lime. Perfect.

3 blades:
For mincing, mixing, chopping, and puréeing

It’s time to get whizzy! You can chop, mix and whip ingredients at the touch of a button. Helping you to cut down the fuss and maximise the taste, it has 3 blades. 

The mini multipurpose blade is for use with the cute mini-bowl for little quantities of pesto, baby food, herbs, nuts.
Choose the large multipurpose blade with the work bowl for larger batches.
Then, there’s a dough blade for kneading all types of yeast dough, for pizza, pasta and brioche. Never made dough? Here’s your chance!

Can you dice with a food processor?

Yes. We’ve created a dicing kit so you can magically create small, equally-sized cubes of things like potatoes, mangos, onions and melons. The kit includes a slicing disc, an 8mm dicing grid, a lid and a cleaning tool. 

You can make a whole heap of perfectly-cut cubes of fresh vegetables, fruits and even cheeses. 

Some ideas? Use them to make salads, ratatouille or add them to soups and desserts.

Do food processors grate cheese?

Absolutely. As one of our best food processors, you can grate hard cheeses with the Artisan 4L food processor. 

You can take the effort out of working through a big chunk of cheese, with the option to get super-fine results for parmesan or pecorino.

3 discs:
For shredding, grating and strips

There are 3 discs included with the Artisan 4L food processor, so you’re prepared for any challenge a recipe may throw at you. 

The reversible shredding disc will finely or coarsely shred cheeses or vegetables.
The shaving disc will make light work of shaving chocolate, parmesan or ice for your creations.
The french-fry cutting disc turns your potatoes into impressive French fries and will cut neat strips out of any firm fruits and vegetables. This is professional-level, so enjoy creating!

Wonderfully whipped

A special whip in the food processor is designed to quickly whip egg whites and double cream for desserts, mousses, soufflés and meringues. 

The whip fits inside the work bowl. No more wrist work to achieve those impressive peaks. It only takes a minute.

What can you do with a multi food processor?

An all-in-one food processor is for more than just prep. You can use it throughout a recipe to create delicious dishes and desserts. 
Here are a few things you can do:

See the food pro in action


  • Make baby food
  • Squeeze orange juice
  • Make meat balls
  • Crush ice cubes
  • Mix up pancakes
  • Stir a sauce
  • Knead dough
  • Dice a turnip
  • Create salsa
  • Grate hard cheese
  • Julienne carrots
  • Mince garlic
  • Make a mousse


An all-in-one food processor

Who says your food processor can’t be as stylish as a stand mixer or toaster? At KitchenAid, we make sure you’ll be proud to place your appliances on the countertop. 

Available in a choice of colours - Candy Apple, Onyx Black, Almond Cream or Empire Red - the Artisan 4L food processor is sleek and curvy. 

You’ll want to leave it out so it’s always ready for the next task. The handy storage case keeps everything neatly together. 


The 4 L Artisan food processor 5KFP1644 is our largest food processor that’s designed to support any task you can think of! This all-in-one food pro makes prep easy, convenient and precise. It’s a serious, robust food processor made of die-cast metal to last and last. Mince, chop, mix, purée, knead and whip ingredients. There are 3 discs to shred, shave or cut strips. The ExactSlice System means you can control the thickness of your slices with a unique external lever. Push foods into the 3-in-1 mouth feed tube – from chunky potatoes to little carrots. You can transform fruits and vegetables into cubes with the dicing kit. Switch between the 3 BPA-free bowls of different sizes, depending on what you’re doing, from chopping a few nuts to shaving parmesan, making French fries or bread dough. Pop in the citrus press to easily extract fresh lemon, orange and lime juice. The high-performance induction motor is powerful, quiet and reliable, even for heavy use. Whichever colour you choose, it will look smart and stylish. Keep all the parts organised with the accessory case so you’re all ready for the latest recipe idea or food trend.


General Specifications
  • Model Name
Technical Specifications
  • Wattage (W)
  • Motor type
    DC (Direct Current)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Max. rotation speed (rpm)
  • Min. rotation speed (rpm)
  • Body material
  • Length of cable (cm)
  • Bowl capacity (L)
  • Product Height (mm)
  • Width of product (mm)
  • Depth of product (mm)
  • Packaging Height (mm)
  • Packaging Width (mm)
  • Packaging Depth (mm)
  • Net weight (kg)
  • Material of mixing bowl
  • Gross weight (kg)
  • Plug type
    Type B

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