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Plug in flex edge beaters for better, faster mixing with your KitchenAid hand mixer.

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Stainless steel beaters with flex

Get twice the surface area contact with the bowl ⁽¹⁾ with these optional beaters for your KitchenAid hand mixer, sold separately. The silicone edge makes them quiet and efficient.

Made for all KitchenAid hand mixers ⁽²⁾

Stainless steel with a flex edge


Flex your hand mixer skills

These innovative beaters (5KHMFEB2) are your flexible friend. With a flexible edge on the side of the stainless steel, they get to work quickly and quietly on your creations — from cookies to cream, desserts or mash.

Hand-mixer-attachments-mixer-attachment-guy-mixing-chocolate-and-nuts-with-stainless-steel-beaters-with flex-edge-beater

Why you’ll love going flexible with our beaters

The flex edge turbo beaters give you twice the surface area(2) in contact with the bowl. This means faster, better mixing of your food, as well as reduced sound and vibration (2). There’s less stopping to scrape the side of your bowl with a spatula, so you’ll have exactly the right consistency before you know it.

Hand-mixer-attachments-mixer-attachments flex-edge-beater-a-kitchen-counter

KitchenAid hand mixer beaters

Convenience matters for busy home cooks! So, the flex edge beaters are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning (in your top-rack only). Then, you can then wipe over the body of your hand mixer with a warm soapy cloth. Done!


Made for your KitchenAid hand mixer

Pop the silicone-edge beaters in your hand mixer (please check the compatible models in disclaimer 1 below) for faster processing without all the vibration of metal beaters. Just adjust the speed, from gently stirring in shredded cheese and onions to mashing sweet potatoes, mixing up muffins or whisking cream.

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What are other people saying?

  1. Compared to our metal Turbo Beater™ II accessories based on cake batter.

  2. The beaters are compatible with KitchenAid hand mixer models:  5KHM5, 5KHM6, 5KHM7, 5KHM9 and 5KHMB7.