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Pebbled-Palm Masthead 4320x1494 Desktop

Pebbled Palm

A dark crinkle textured blue green

With the subtle dark teal hue and crinkled texture of leafy garden kale, Pebbled Palm stands out in style. Fresh yet dark and complex.


A dark and chic blue-green

Dark yet refreshing, KitchenAid Pebbled Palm is truly lush. The green colour makes the perfect addition to your salad or your kitchen.


Lush and fresh aesthetic

Chop up some dark and nutrious greens ready to enhance your next recipe. This dark colour is equally good for you.


A crinkle textured finish

You could call it the dark green of spirulina. This mellow colour has a surface characteristic that appears textured - or sandy - yet is smooth and easy to wipe clean.

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