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Milkshake Masthead 4320x1494 Desktop


A muted neutral off-white in matte

Milkshake pays homage to the perfect cold treat. This colour nods to the whipped, milky goodness of a summer day treat in a creamy, matte, off-white package.


A muted neutral off-white in matte

Milkshake pays homage to the iconic cold drink. This colour is one of creamy deliciousness and will look fresh in your kitchen — whether it's retro or contemporary.


Dreamy and creamy

Best served cold and perfectly whipped. A milkshake is a treat everyone loves. Make your stand mixer irresistible.


Creamy smooth milkshake

There is a glowing medium-shine on this satin finish. It's appealing to the eye — just like a milkshake.

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