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Blue Velvet

A soft mid-tone blue in matte

Whether mixed in with your tea or topping a tasty treat, cornflowers add a touch of vibrant yet dreamy softness. Captured in Blue Velvet, this gentle matte blue invigorates your space.


A soft mid-tone blue in matte

Blue Velvet captures the beautiful hues of summer skies and vibrant cornflowers. Just as its petals add a pop to your tea, or a topping to a treat, this dreamy colour will brighten your day.


Add a pinch of sweet blue

Rich yet soft, this gentle mid-blue is incredibly versatile. Pair it with colours like pinks and greens for a modern feel, or whites and greys for cool chic.


Soft and soothing finish

The matte finish of Velvet Blue is muted and light absorbing. It's smooth-to-the-touch and gorgeously gentle.

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