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ContourSilver Masthead 4320x1494 Desktop

Contour Silver

A silver with a metallic gloss shine

Set the table with your favourite silverware, and get out the polished silver serving dishes. Contour Silver brings the decadence with a brilliant metallic gloss shine.


Luxurious silver with a metallic shine

It’s time to bring out the shiny silverware and polish up the serving platters. Our Contour Silver dishes up the decadence, bringing a satisfying shine to your creative space.


Make it a celebration

Silver hues are a table-top best and never go out of style. Contour Silver combines decadence with neutral, so it's perfect with any palette, from bright to pastel to monochrome.


Glossy metallics add a flash of light

The pearlescent high-sheen finish shows off the rich silver colour with the lustre of metal. A true showstopper.

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