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Beetroot Masthead 4320x1494 Desktop


Rich magenta with a lush satin finish

Balancing juicy redness with a deep rich purple, Beetroot brings creativity to your kitchen in an optimistic shade. Like the garden root vegetable, it's unexpectedly vibrant.


Goodbye ordinary

Embrace your playful side and rediscover the joy, fun and the unexpected in everyday things. Like that gorgeous burst of colour you get when you first cut into the humble beetroot.


Earthy vibrance

This energising and uplifting hue is a celebration of self expression in your home. Balancing juicy redness with a deep rich purple this gorgeous colour, is waiting to inspire you.


The smooth beauty of beetroot

Beetroot's medium-shine satin finish falls between matte and gloss. It's the perfect purple pick-me-up.

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