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White Masthead 4320x1494 Desktop


A glossy pure white

Whip up sugary peaks with glossy White. Just like the soft marshmallow-y sweetness of piped meringue cookies.


A glossy pure white

Just like the glossy peaks of the perfect meringue, this clean white serves as a backdrop to your kitchen creativity. What will you make next?


Let your creativity shine

Sweeten up your space with this simple, light and airy white. It's ready for your next flash of inspiration.


Treat yourself to a gloss look

KitchenAid White has a pearlescent and silky-smooth finish. It's high-sheen surface reflects the light in your room.

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If you like light and airy colours, you'll find a large selection in our range.

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The colourful world of KitchenAid

From pastel pistachio to bold beetroot, we’ve got a colour to fall in love with. Add colour to your kitchen with delicious shades inspired by the beauty of nature. Making has never been so vibrant. Which colour will you choose?

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