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Almond Cream

A light, creamy beige in gloss

Almond Cream is inspired by the sweet, rich, and airy filling found in tarts, pastries, cakes, and croissants. This glossy off-white color captures the feeling of a crispy treat during a Sunday brunch.


A light, creamy beige in gloss

Rich and buttery as a flaky croissant with buttery-sweet almond spread. Almond Cream is inspired by the sweetness of tasty tarts, pastries and cakes. It's every baker's dream.


Subtly soft and creamy

Almond Cream is a classic shade with a distinctly vintage feel. Think afternoon tea or summer picnics, filled with baked delights.


A luscious glossy glow

Almond Cream is perfectly complemented by its silky-smooth finish. This glossy off-white has a pearlescent high-sheen look that reflects the light.

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