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Mixer Attachments to widen your horizons

While you may love using your stand mixer to bake, mix and knead, you can do so much more too. Our exciting range of attachments allow you to expand your repertoire, creating anything from falafel to lasagne.

Mixer attachments


Liven up your routine

Strawberry ice cream

Enjoy sweet treats

Once you’ve mastered your favourite cakes and cookies, why not broaden your horizons? Make ice cream, sorbets, jams, tarts and coulis and your own citrus juices.
Making shreds for rainbow salad with vegetable slicer and shredder

Beautifully healthy

Nutritious dishes have the wow factor with our attachments. Create perfectly-even vegetable sheets for canapes or lasagne, spirals for stir fries, shreds for rainbow salads.
Cauliflower Rice Salad

Veggies and vegans

Love the fruits of the earth? It’s fun to experiment with homemade cauliflower rice, spicy falafel, meat-free sausages, as well as veggie noodles, aubergine lasagne and more.

Why choose optional attachments?

  • Experiment and increase your repertoire
  • Use your stand mixer as a central hub
  • Durable tools featuring stainless steel
  • Stable, secure and powered by your mixer
  • Easy to assemble, clean and store away
Why choose optional attachment

Boost your culinary creativity

With the right tools at your fingertips, anything is possible.

Homemade pasta made easy

There’s something hugely satisfying about making your own pasta. It’s surprisingly easy, especially if you make the dough in a mixer. And we have two pasta makers to choose from to help you transform your dough into professional-looking pasta. With our 6 shapes pasta press, simply select a pasta shape and cut it as it emerges from the press. The pasta cutters and roller 3-piece set lets you roll sheets of dough with the pasta roller, then feed them into the spaghetti or fettuccine cutter at your chosen thickness. 

Once you have your beautifully fresh, tasty pasta shapes, the possibilities are endless. From a classic Aglio e olio, or family favourite macaroni cheese, to your own creative pasta pairings, these clever attachments will brighten up any mealtime.

Different pasta shapes with pasta cutters and roller 3-piece set

Fruit and veg with a twist

Transform everyday recipes with our vegetable spiralizer accessory. Effortlessly twirl your way to now-famous zucchini noodles (or zoodles), plus so many more delicious and fun ingredients and recipes to try. 

Sweet potato, beetroot, or cucumber all make delicious and healthy alternatives to pasta or noodles. But that’s not all – our spiralizer cores, slices and peels too. Prepare and slice up apples for pies, or make your own veggie or fruit crisps. Surprise your guests with different creations.

Spiralized zucchini pasta with broccoli basil pesto

Mince, grind or grate in minutes

Our meat grinder and sausage stuffer accessory is a super-versatile tool. But it’s not only for mincing and grinding meat, you can grate cheese, make breadcrumbs and grind up veggies ready for sauces and dips. 

Eat with confidence, knowing exactly what’s in your sausages and burgers, and add your own favourite twists to truly make them your own. The grinder and sausage stuffer is simple to use and easy to clean. Barbecues will never be the same again…

Mince grind in minutes

Rediscover the joy of making

With ingenious tools to support you, you can do more with your food and enjoy the creative process.

Serving up the fun factor

Can't get your kids to eat veggies? Sometimes just changing the way they look can make all the difference. With our fruit and vegetable spiralizer you can make silly, sweet potato noodles, or twirly salads. And they’ll love wrapping up yummy fillings in freshly sliced cucumber sheets made with our vegetable sheet cutter. You can create all sorts of veggie shapes with the food processor attachment – cube, dice, slice, julienne or shred! While the slow juicer for mixers can help you sneak nutrition-packed fruit and veg juices or purees into their favourite dishes. Perfect for picky eaters!

Stand mixer spiralizer spring rolls

Boost your creativity with KitchenAid accessories

All mixer accessories

All mixers accessories

Expand your repertoire by attaching anything from a pasta roller to a food processor or a beautiful new bowl.
Irresistible mixing bowls

Irresistible mixing bowls

When it comes to our bowls, the choice has become so much wider. Pick your favourite look, material and must-have elements like quantity level marks.
Replacement mixer parts

Replacement mixer parts

Switch between the whisk, paddle ('flat beater') or dough hook on the mixer. All are available with variations such as non-stick coating.
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