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Vegetable slicer and shredder for salads, stir fry, hash browns. For veggies and cheese.

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Shredding and slicing has never been so easy

The vegetable slicer makes it simpler to pack more fresh food into your home cooking. Our versatile slicer and shredder attachment lets you slice, rice, grate or shred ingredients from carrots to chocolate.

Made for all KitchenAid stand mixers

3 cylinders (slice, medium or coarse shred)

Wide-mouth feed tube


Storage case

What's in the box?

Breeze through fresh food prep with the Kitchenaid slicer and shredder attachment 5KSMVSA. Attaches to your mixer for those fiddly cutting jobs.

Cut the prep time with our slicer and shredder

One attachment, so many fresh options. If you’re thinking about a more plant-based diet, want to do more home cooking from scratch, or just want to liven up meals, this tool will be your kitchen saviour. It’s the quick way to add sliced or shredded fresh ingredients to your favourite salads, entrées, sides, mains and more.

Mixer-attachments-vegetable slicer and shredder on counter

Make your mixer a lean, green, cutting machine

Food preparation need never be boring again. Just attach the KitchenAid shredder attachment to the power hub of any of our stand mixers and let it transform your mealtimes. Say yes to all those recipes you’ve been putting off because there was just so much cutting and slicing, and not enough hours in the day. Deliciously simple fresh ingredients, little to no effort – what’s not to love?

Mixer-attachments-vegetable slicer and shredder attachments on bowl lift mixer

Quick-change cylinders save you time

Does your recipe need your veg prepared in different ways? No problem. With this mixer attachment, you just pop in the quick-change cylinders. These change the blade in seconds, as you move between one task and the next. Just choose a suitable blade and click into the main body of the attachment. From slicing cucumbers to shredding cabbage, in a flash.

Mixer-attachments-vegetable slicer and shredder with cheese

Beyond salads, to hash browns or cheesy tacos

There are lots of ways to add fresh ingredients to your meals with the KitchenAid slicer attachment. The 3 stainless steel blades get the job done with a fraction of the effort. Use them to prepare vegetables for sauces, hash browns, or casseroles, cheese for melty toppings, or to add different textures to liven up your salad. 

The slicing blade cylinder gives you beautifully even slices of vegetables like cucumbers, courgette and celery. The medium shredding cylinder is perfect for grating cheese and for shredding firmer vegetables such as carrots. The coarse shredding cylinder will power through veg, such as cabbage, for delicious, crunchy coleslaw or stir fries.

Mixer-attachments-vegetable slicer and shredder with woman using the slicer

Slices and shreds safely and simply

The 2-in-1 food pusher is doubly useful. It gives you perfect slicing performance from your attachment, for both large and small diameter fruits and veggies. The opening of the large food pusher is approximately 6 cm diameter, and the opening of the small pusher is approximately 3.5 cm diameter. But it’s also a safety feature too. Always use the food pusher when feeding your ingredients towards the blades to keep your fingers safe. 

Mixer-attachments-vegetable slicer and shredder storage space

Attachment stores away neatly

The KitchenAid vegetable slicer may be a big help, but it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It comes in its own neat storage case, so you can pack the attachment and its 3 included blades away in a kitchen cupboard.

Mixer-attachments-vegetable slicer and shredder cleaning

Cleans up quickly

When you’ve finished slicing, shredding and grating, all 3 blades and the food pusher can be safely put in the dishwasher, on the top rack. The main body of the slicer and grater attachment just needs to be hand washed in soapy water. Once everything is washed and dried, pop it in the case for next time.


Kitchen aid Slicer and Shredding accessory

This is a really great accessory for my mixer easy to store and is quick to connect, I was amazed how quickly it shredded and sliced the vegetables all the same size great for cooking

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