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KitchenAid Chef Touch

Chef Touch, Vacuum Machine for preserving food, a Steam Oven for cooking and reheating and a Shock Freezer

A world of delicious possibilities is waiting for you

Inspired by the professional world, Chef Touch combines three high-level tools in one system, delivering outstanding results time after time. The KitchenAid Chef Touch features a Vacuum Machine for preserving food using the sous-vide technique, a Steam Oven for cooking and reheating and a Shock Freezer for ultra-fast chilling and freezing.

  • built-in

  • freestanding

Vegetable tortilla with hummus and peppers on a white plate

Enjoy all the benefits of sous-vide cooking system

Sous Vide is a delicate, high-quality, low temperature cooking method. Fresh ingredients are put into vacuum-sealed dedicated pouches and cooked inside a steam oven at temperatures that never exceed 100°C. Lower cooking temperatures, together with vacuum-seal, preserve the liquids and the organoleptic elements naturally present in foods: the result is an amazingly tender, juicy, colourful, tasty and healthier dish.

Perfect synergy, fabulous results

Vacuum-sealing ingredients in special pouches using the vacuum machine

Vacuum machine

The first step to using your Chef Touch is to vacuum-seal your raw or fresh ingredients in special pouches using the vacuum machine.

Cooking the vacuum-sealed food in the steam oven

Steam oven

The food in the vacuum-sealed bag can then be cooked in the steam oven and eaten immediately or stored in the fridge or freezer.

Freezing vacuum-sealed food in shock freezer

Shock freezer

Now that the food is cooked, you can enjoy it straight away or blast-chill the pouch to be stored in the fridge, or shock-freeze it to be kept in the freezer.

Cook like a professional with the kitchenaid chef touch

Tasting food

Professional cooking results

Brings out all the flavour nuances of every ingredient. Food retains all its juiciness and stays succulent and tender.

Preserving food in vacuum-sealed bags


Cooking in advance and preserving sous-vide allows you to prepare more time-intensive recipes days before your dinner party.

Healthy meal

Healthy cooking

This gentle, low-temperature cooking technique ensures that ingredients retain all their natural nutrients.

Amplify your creativity and your flavours


Immediate consumption

Cooking and consuming without any further food storage, the very best way to exploit the cooking method.

Baked fish with vegetables

Short period storage

Cooking and preserving for short periods of time, suggested for foods that are to be consumed after chilling, or for reheating dishes prepared the day before.

Vegetable tart

Long period storage

Cooking and preserving for long periods of time, suggested for those who like preparing dishes beforehand, eating them some time after.